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Guide to Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning

Find out more about Window Cleaning

Whether you are a professional window cleaner or you are simply a proud home owner, decent window cleaning equipment, plentiful supplies and effective solutions are all important in order for you to be able to clean thoroughly. Window cleaning solutions can be home made or can be purchased in the form of sprays, aerosols and gels. House hold ingredients such as ammonia, vinegar and washing up liquid can be mixed together to create solutions which equal any of the commercially produced solutions. Warm water is a good cleaning aid in itself and is very accessible and very cheap.

When washing windows, wait for a dull, dry day. Washing on sunny days will result in streaky windows as the moisture dries too quickly. Window cleaners use squeegees to wash followed by rubber blades to remove any excess water. These are available in any good superstore. Brushes made with horsehair are also used. They are soft enough not to scratch glass which is actually a soft and porous material but the bristles allow the detergent to be spread over the surface. Micro fibre cloths can be used wet or dry for polishing or cleaning. If your windows are scarred with tape, take a razor blade to scratch away. If this fails to work use oil to lubricate the glue. To achieve a brilliant shine on windows, try polishing with balled up newspaper or a clean blackboard duster. If you prefer not to do this, any soft cloth which is lint free is good for shining windows. To prevent the build up of frost on your windows, mix half a cup of alcohol, glycerine or antifreeze with some water and rub on the inside of the window. These tips are all recommended by professional window cleaners.

There are many different types of equipment to assist window cleaning: If you need to clean windows at great heights but prefer not to climb ladders or scaffolding, there are machines which blast water through extendable poles to wash and rinse these difficult spots. There are braces to support your tools and even buckets on straps to wet your washer. There are seal skin gloves to protect your skin while constantly plunging your hands into buckets, anything to make life easier.

Many home owners are often lead busy lives and sometimes it is necessary to employ professionals to clean your windows. Window cleaning services are usually reliable maintenance businesses which can also offer other services, such as gutter cleaning and power washing but there are many small businesses in this trade. Be wary of any door to door salesmen offering their services in as there also illegitimate businesses who use window cleaning as an excuse to check out the contents of houses. The International Window Cleaning Association is an organisation offering standards for window cleaning businesses reach while raising the standards of this profession. It may offer you as a customer some guarantee that the firm you are investigating is legitimate.