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Guide to Vacuum Cleaners

Vacuum Cleaners

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Who among us could even begin to imagine life today without the vacuum cleaner? Although vacuum cleaners are constantly being redesigned, constantly improved, one of our most dreaded household chores today is vacuuming. What would it have been like before they existed? We’ve reached the first century of the vacuum cleaner and things keep getting better for us consumers. The choice of vacuum cleaners available is staggering, the competition between manufactures fierce, and the vacuums keep on improving in quality.

About a hundred years ago there were only a few makes available, Kirby and Hoover were among the first manufactures of early vacuum cleaners. Now where does the modern consumer turn to in order to help them choose a vacuum? We hope that the information contained in this site will be a good starting point for your research. Naturally since the dawn the World Wide Web, the information available to us has just exploded. You can find professional product trials on web sites such as Consumer Reports, and also hear what your Everyday Joe has to say about their past purchases on websites such as

Before you even begin comparing specific models you’ll have to make a few decisions about what your vacuuming requirements are. There is so much choice around that it is important to find your perfect match. Now days there are not only upright and canister vacuum cleaners, but the lightweight vacuum market has really blossomed. A lot of people now find handheld vacuums, mini-canisters, or stick vacuums (a cross between a broom and an upright) more suitable for the majority of their cleaning needs.

Once you have picked the type of vacuum cleaner you require you need to consider a host of other features. One of the largest choices is whether or not you want a bag or bagless model. Many people today are opting for bagless vacuum cleaners because you can avoid the hassle of purchasing bags, and many bagless models are also less messy to empty than conventional bags. If you’re an allergy sufferer than you also need to consider buying a vacuum with a HEPA filter. Most manufacturers offer these filters, which will filter out 99.97% of air-born particles down to an amazing 0.3 microns.

The list of choices available to you is staggering. Take your time when making a purchase, talk to your friends and colleagues about what they use and whether their happy. Picking a good vacuum that is right for your needs will drastically reduce the hassle and chore of cleaning your home. Your home will be cleaner, you will be healthier, and you might just get a chance to relax just a bit more!