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Guide to Stained Glass

Stained Glass

Find out more about Stained Glass

In this age of herd-inspired conformity and high-tech globalisation it makes a refreshingly pleasant change to hear of anything more than six months old that’s still in fashion. And stained glass is it!

Timelessly enduring, stained glass has successfully traversed the centuries, never dropping out of sight, never superceded. Admittedly, it has gone through reinvention and new types of stained glass have appeared on the market. But, in essence, the underlying technique behind stained glass has survived largely untouched. Transport artisans from the days of the Roman Empire to the present, put them in a modern stained glass workshop and they’d produce stained glass work using the tools and materials they found around them.

What else, if anything, could emulate this spanning of the centuries?

The fact that stained glass still survives today virtually unchanged by time is not a curious anomaly. The reason we still delight in stained glass is because it touches something deep within us all. And, just as importantly, it is a technology that works well, having undeniably stood the test of time and emerged with flying colors as tried and tested.

We live today in society where certainties are no longer as solid as we once thought. For this reason alone, it’s high time that the things we can trust and rely on are acknowledged in the present. Not, as is so often the case, lamented and missed only after they’ve slipped from our grasp forever.

While stained glass may not be most people’s automatic choice as priority number one, we like to think stained glass ought to be celebrated. So, with this in mind, we have created this web site to salute the many-faceted world of stained glass.

By navigation these page you will quickly build up a comprehensive picture of the fascinating world of stained glass, both from the perspective of a stained glass hobbyist and from the viewpoint of an admirer planning to commission a stained glass project. The following pages touch all the main topics of stained glass and taken accumulatively will provide a broad oversight you are unlikely to find elsewhere:

We examine a little of the history of stained glass and explore why the marriage of light and colored glass has held such a lasting fascination throughout history and into the present day.

We also consider the planning of a stained glass project and discuss how to ensure you end up with stained glass work that’s an object of beauty and does not look out of place in its setting. And we offer up handy tips on getting the scale right and how to keep your stained glass project on budget.

Visit our pages and stained glass will be transparent.