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Guide to Pillows

Water Pillows

Find out more about Water Pillows

Water beds and water pillows were very popular in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s yet they were predominantly seen as a gimmick and a novelty. In those days designs were extremely basic and there were general concerns over water beds and water pillows with weak seams that lead to leaking and floods!

Thankfully the technology behind water pillows has developed considerably since then and now they are no longer seen as a gimmick but as a part of a healthy living option.

The Benefits Offered

Water pillows are now thought to be very desirable for their orthopedic benefits. Back aches and neck aches are on the increase in our generation because of the stresses and strains that we put are body under during the day in our busy lifestyles.

As we live longer we also become more prone to developing degenerative conditions in our spine as we go into our twilight years. We spend nearly a quarter of our lives sleeping therefore it is imperative that we look after our bodies when we are asleep. When we sleep we relax and our body gets a chance to recharge and realign itself. If you have poor sleeping conditions then you will prevent your body from recharging fully.

Water pillows have many benefits because they are malleable and can adapt to movement. When you place your head on a normal foam pillow it fails to move and support you at all times. Water pillows are totally adjustable and they can be filled with different amounts of water to produce the exact level of firmness or softness that you desire. Quite truly a water pillow is like nothing you have slept on before! Most people who try them never go back to using foam, feather or down pillows again.

How do they work?

As you move during the night the water re-moulds itself around your head and provides support around the area where pressure is placed. It ensures constant maximum support and the correct sleeping posture. If your neck requires heat treatment then you can always fill your water pillows with warm (not boiling) water which will soothe as it supports.

It is very important that when you are choosing a water pillow that you make sure that the material that the pillow is made from is nice and soft. If you do not like the material that your water pillow is made from, you can always construct your own pillow cover that is to your own liking. Most water pillows are the same dimensions as ordinary foam or feather pillows.

How much do they cost?

Prices are very reasonable and start at around twenty five dollars. If you want more sophisticated water pillows that you can put heated water into, then you should look at paying around thirty five dollars.