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Guide to Pillows

Travel Pillows

Find out more about Travel Pillows

If you do a lot of traveling as a passenger or you do a lot of driving and need to take regular breaks then we suggest that to keep your body healthy and strain free, you should invest in a travel pillow that can increase the comfort of a car or truck seat. There is nothing worse than falling asleep as a passenger in a car and waking up with a stiff neck. Car seats are not predominantly designed for comfortable sleeping positions yet sometimes we need them to be.

A travel pillow can also be a benefit for those who travel long haul on public and private transport. Trains, planes and buses can also have very uncomfortable seats and if you are traveling for long periods of time you can damage your back and neck trying to find a comfortable position.

There are many different types and styles of travel pillows available to buy on the internet. The range reflects the different needs of the purchaser and the different levels of support that are required. The price of a travel pillow ranges dramatically but generally speaking the price reflects the amount of support that the pillow gives. If you buy a cheap travel pillow then you can assume that it will have less support than a more expensive model.

One of the most popular model types on the market is the inflatable travel pillow, There a lots of different types of inflatable cushions yet the best ones offer head, neck and chin support.

Due to the chin support, this travel pillow is able to keep you comfortable whilst still in an upright seated position. Some of the cheaper models are simply u-shaped and they have a tendency to push the head forward when you are asleep. This is detrimental to your health as it can promote a characterized head nodding action when you are asleep which in turn leads to neck strain. The inflatable nature of the travel pillow means that the pillow is easy to carry and store when not in use. This is especially important if you are traveling long distances and do not want to be weighed down with extra baggage. Most inflatable travel pillows on the market come with discrete air pumps which can pump the pillow up in a matter of minutes.

It is very important that when you are choosing a travel pillow that you make sure that the material that the pillow is nice and soft and not rough against your skin which might produce chaffing (most come with a velour or velvet cover). If you do not like the material that your travel pillow is made from, you can always construct your own pillow cover that is to your own liking. Many people like to have covers made form sheep skin or pure cotton which is easy to remove and clean.