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Guide to Pillows

Pregnancy Pillows

Find out more about Pregnancy Pillows

When you are pregnant it can be very hard trying to get comfortable. Pregnancy can be very draining and towards the end of the pregnancy all you really want is to put your feet up and get a good night’s sleep. Sleep is essential in pregnancy, it is practically the only time that your body gets to recuperate and recharge its ever depleting batteries.

The most difficult thing is getting the baby to sleep at the same that you want to go to sleep. If you are comfortable and the bump is supported and relaxed then you have more of a chance of getting the baby to relax and give you some sleep.

The idea behind pregnancy pillows is that you purchase a pillow that helps you get into a shape that you feel comfortable in. They cannot do miracles and obviously comfort has to be realistically compared to your level of pregnancy. One of the most annoying things when you are pregnant is not being able to lie on your front. New mothers will also be cautious of rolling around too much in the night as to disturb the baby.

Pregnancy pillows have been described by many as the most comfortable pillows on the market, and so they should be! Pregnancy pillows are made by a number of manufacturers and are all very different in design shape and construction. The most popular construction is where the pillows are filled with thousands of individual balls. The balls contained within the pillow act like a sophisticated bean bag and mould around your shape in order to give you total support. Pregnancy pillows also come in very different shapes and sizes. Once again the most popular shape is the V shape which is able to wrap around the body and support the lateral sides of the bump.

Pregnancy pillows are very useful all of the time and people should not think of them as only being useful in the pre natal period. From about five months into the pregnancy they are great for helping you to relax and sleep but after the baby is born they become multi purposed.

When you want to breast feed, the pregnancy pillow is able to support the baby and you do not have to strain your arms for long periods of time. The baby will also benefit from the total body support and it will enjoy the tactile sensation of the balls against its body. When the baby begins to sit up and interact with its environment, pregnancy pillows will be able to support them and stop you from worrying that they will topple over and hurt themselves. If you want to hang onto your pregnancy pillow after your child grows up they can easily be used as an ordinary pillow perfect for anyone to relax on.