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Guide to Pillows

Pillow Cushions

Find out more about Pillow Cushions

Pillow Cushions are versatile pieces of furniture, albeit soft furniture, that can fit into any surrounding or environment. A pillow cushion can be scattered on the floor as an alternative to formal seating, they can be scattered on a couch or sofa to create a comfy and cozy look, they can be used on hard chairs in the dining room to cushion your bottom, or they can be scattered over the bed to create an inviting and sumptuous ambience.

You can get a pillow cushion in any styles or shapes. Pillow cushions can be as small as a post card for decorative purposes or they can be as large as a bed for use on the floor. They don’t have to be square shaped either, you can get thousands of shapes perfect for every need. Our favorites are the slightly mad and extravert shapes such as stars, animals and dolls, made specifically for children.

You can dress up your pillow cushion in any style you wish. When you buy your pillow cushion it will probably come with a cover already in situ. If you are somebody who likes to chop and change regularly and you get easily bored with the same things for more than a month, then we recommend that you purchase a pillow cushion that has removable covers. This way you can change the covers around as it suits you. These types are also the most practical in terms of cleaning and maintaining your pillow cushion.

Pillow Cushion Stuffings

As well as getting many different outside looks for your pillow cushion you can also get many different types of stuffing for your pillow cushion. How the pillow cushion is stuffed will determine to a large extent how the long the pillow cushion will last for.

However the most lasting types are not always the most comfortable. This is a balance that you must come to. An important thing to take into consideration is how you sleep at night and what type of support you need for your neck and back. If you suffer from any aches or pains in the neck and back areas then it is imperative that you pay a little bit extra and invest in orthopedic pillow cushions that will support you properly.

Feather & Down Cushions

If you would like your pillow to be luxuriously soft and good quality then the best stuffing in the market is feather and down. If you want to push the boat out you can opt for pure goose down but your pocket must be able to take a bit hit! Like any fabric you must be especially careful that you are not allergic to feather or down before you buy. You do not want to spend your whole night sneezing instead of sleeping like a baby.