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Guide to Pillows

Pillow Cases

Find out more about Pillow Cases

One of the best ways to fill your home with a sense of style and individuality is to purchase soft furnishings for every room in the house! You can inject an exuberant amount of warmth and homeliness into a room with the help of a few throws, luxury curtains, and sensual fabrics. The simplest way to add soft furnishings into a room is with pillow cases. These can be very simple or very ornate and you can get them to fit any shape and size of cushion or pillow.

You can find millions of pillow cases on the internet. We could not even begin writing about the total range of pillow cases available because we would quite literally be here for forever and a day! One thing is for sure, you can get any style or design of pillow case that you want. Even your most crazy of desires can be satisfied.

It is very important that you co-ordinate the pillow cases that you purchase with the other furnishings and soft furnishings in the room. By soft furnishings we mean parts of the room that are made from fabric such as the curtains, rugs, sofa covers and couch covers, and so on. You do not have to select the same fabric for everything in order for it all to go together. You should compliment the fabrics so that they enhance the room and compliment each other.

You can match fabrics in many different ways. The most obvious way is to choose similar colors or colors from the same tonal pallet. Only the most striking of looks can pull off all the fabrics being the same color. This is a very bold look and can leave a room looking a little hollow. To add depth to the room go for different shades of fabric colors and use the different tones to highlight different sections of the room.

Another way to match fabrics in a slightly more subtle way is to match the textures of the fabric. For example, if you love suede then you could get several different pillow cases in different colors yet all made from suede. Not only does this look really bring a room together but it also provides a textural diversity o the room which feels great! Texture is another fabulous way to add depth to a room.

Choosing a Fabric

Remember that pillow cases more often than not are used for practical purposes rather than aesthetic purposes; at best they fill a function between the two. It is really important that you check that the material that the pillow case is made from does not affect your skin. Some people have reactions to certain fabrics and it is best to double check. Obviously it is impractical to purchase extravagantly designed pillow cases for everyday use because they will be impossible to clean and they may have decorations that are very uncomfortable to sleep on.