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Guide to Pillows

Personalized Pillows

Find out more about Personalized Pillows

A pillow, being soft and small, is used primarily as a support for head whilst sleeping or for the body as used on a couch or maybe a chair. However, this has long since changed and the pillow now acts in many situations as a throw or simply for decorative purposes.

Pillows contain a filler made from a wide range of materials. Pillows can be filled with materials such as foam, synthetic fillers, feathers, wool and down. Traditionally a pillow would be filled with straw, but this is of course an uncomfortable filler for a pillow and things have moved on leaps and bounds from the traditions of the past!

Lavish feather pillows and down pillows have often been the wealthiest of fillers but the artificial fillers have become the commercial favorite and are the most commonly found in pillows. The fill is then covered with a material that is soft to the touch for comfort and touch. Some form of cloth or silk is common but with pillows becoming more decorative now, the outer material can be made of more fashionable materials such as leather and rubber.

If the product is a throw pillow, it will probably have a zipper so to change the filling and wash the pillow cover. Bed pillows will of course follow the simple pillow case cover for functionality and ease. It is recommended that pillows be changed every couple of years as washing can only do so much for the microbes that the material and filling pick up over this time.

The industrial revolution saw the mass production of pillows as decorative textiles and with prized pillows becoming decorative commodities.

Many people find as a hobby the making of their own pillows a useful and artistic way of improving the mood and quality of home-life. A personalized pillow with your favorite music band, pop idol or actor imprinted on the front are easy to find on today’s market so why not make your very own!

Making your own Personalized Pillow

Making your own personalized pillow is quite easy but does require a few materials and access to a sewing machine. Firstly just decide on the size and shape of the pillow.

A circular pillow is a big task so to make it easier a square pillow will do. Cut out a plastic or card pattern for the square, leaving about 50mm for the seam allowance. Place your card or plastic pattern on a double piece of the pillow material.

Making sure the grain is going in the same direction, place the two front sides of fabric together. Pin the sides together with about an inch from the raw edge to spare. Sewing three of the four sides using a straight stitch, tightly, you should sew the fourth side about two inches down using a back stitch when sealing it. Being careful not to zigzag the hole shut, using this stitch method, seal the edges cutting about 30mm from your seam. Turn the personalized pillow inside out and push out the corners. Stuff with a synthetic filler or down and stitch up the hole with a hidden technique.

Now that the personalized pillow is complete, using your imagination, personalize the pillow with beads, stitching, needlepoint perhaps, pearls and ribbons. Remember to be creative and make it personal.