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Nursing Pillows

Find out more about Nursing Pillows

Pregnancy is a time where comfort and convenience are two things vitally important to the patient. A maternity pillow and nursing pillow is the secret of comfort towards the end of a pregnancy and into the nursing stage.

Towards the end of the pregnancy, you will need as much rest as you can get. This however, is a time when comfort and rest may seem impossible at times. These nursing pillows give the patient the comfort that they will need, in addition to this vital support once the baby is born.

A nursing pillow is most commonly designed in a gentle curved shape, available in a few different sizes, supporting the pregnant lady and her bump filled with thousands of feather-light micro pearls. A high quality nursing pillow will probably be made of a unique polystyrene that is warm and breathable.

You may find, in lesser quality products, that a nasty smell is omitted by the nursing pillow nearing the baby’s face, which is cause for concern. A truly high quality nursing pillow should be anti-allergenic and washable. Ideally, for a truly clean product, it should be washable at 60 degrees Celsius. Check on the websites of these pillows for products that are recommended by established midwifery institutions for a safe and effective product.

Once the baby has arrived, this is the point at which you start to reap the rewards of the gentle arc shape nursing pillow. This forms the perfect cradle for breast or bottle feeding and supports the weight to prevent unwanted tension and aching in the arms and shoulders of the mother (or father!). This enables the feeder to achieve a good posture with ease without the usual scrambling around for a complicated cushion arrangement.

If you are breastfeeding your baby you will find a nursing pillow a Blessing. No more adjusting and arranging cushions and throw pillows, blankets and even towels so to find the correct position. The pillow is designed to cradle your baby in a comfortable nursing position in one quick and easy step. It is designed so that you can lay side-by-side and also face-to-face while breastfeeding your baby in bed.

Another remarkable attribute is that women who gave birth through Caesarean Section or maybe an Episiotomy will find that nursing can inflict a lot of pain on to the c-section incision with weight from the baby and a nursing pillow takes off the pressure from this healing wound by supporting the weight of the baby. It is a small price to pay for daily comfort in breastfeeding and nursing.

Whilst searching the internet I came across an interesting site about a nursing pillow called the ‘Big V Maternity and Nursing Pillow’. it seemed like a great product that had all the necessary attributes of other leading products and boasted popularity. However, continuing my search I stumbled across an article about the ‘Big V Pillow’ and how it had been recalled by it’s manufacturer, Theraline Inc. it stated that if the infants were left unattended, these pillows carry a risk of suffocation to the infant.

These infant pillows and cushions are now banned under federal law. Independent specialty stores sold the pillows from June 2003 through to May 2004 for approximately $60. Consumers are now urged to stop using these pillows with immediate effect and are to contact the firm for information about future refunds and so on. The recall is being conducted in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

For information on breastfeeding positions and methods using a nursing pillow, have a look at the following site with helpful tips and easy to follow instructions to help with successful nursing using a nursing pillow. Check it out on Pregnancy Store.