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Guide to Pillows

Memory Pillows

Find out more about Memory Pillows

The memory pillow, shaped and designed to look like a normal down pillow, is made so that it adapts to the body temperature of the user. It conforms perfectly to the person’s body and provides individual comfort, customized to you for a great night’s sleep.

How does Memory Foam work?

This technology, used in the memory seats and mattresses, takes the weight of the body and distributes it evenly across the surface. This reduces the skin pressure by around fifty percent, greatly improving the circulation of blood around the body. High quality pillows can have a warranty of around five years and the product itself should be nearly indestructible, performing effectively on a regular basis for a lengthy period of time.

The memory pillow is designed so that it will not break down or suddenly compress and will always return to its original shape. Of course the same cannot be stated of a regular foam pillow, losing its form and resiliency after a year or two. Buying directly from the manufacturer will always save you some money as cutting out the middle-man normally works to your advantage!

This space aged memory foam pillow idea was originally developed for NASA. The ideal selling point being that if they can help astronauts sleep well in space in cramped conditions then you are in for a dreamy night’s sleep! The body heat of the user interacts so to mold the memory pillow to your customized sleeping posture.

If getting a memory pillow interests you then why not invest in a memory foam mattress? While the memory foam mattress conforms to your body, the memory pillow will support your neck shape for the ultimate night’s sleep. Some companies will package the mattresses so that can be rolled to a more convenient size. The mattresses act in the same way as the pillows and are made of more resilient, high-density polyurethane foam so not to lose its shape.

High quality products will have two different sides to the mattress so to be seasonal all year round. Cooling cotton for the summer and another side for the winter with wool for warmth. No pokey springs and bulgy contours, just a firm regular shape. The reason I mentioned the mattress is simple, many companies will offer a free memory pillow to those buying a mattress of the same brand!

Aside from the home use, the memory pillow is fantastic outside too. People who frequently travel, commuters, truck drivers and of course office workers and students will find it a handy comfort at times. Remember to purchase a memory pillow with a removable pillow cover, otherwise it will become unhygienic and the durability of the product is sure to be questionable!