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Guide to Pillows

Memory Foam Pillows

Find out more about Memory Foam Pillows

The memory foam pillows are perfect for people who have previously enjoyed using down pillows but found it frustrating when it could not hold its shape.

Some of these pillows are made to look like a down pillow but are more likely to be larger in size, like a queen sized down pillow perhaps. This means that when swapping to a memory foam pillow it isn’t necessarily the case to have to adjust the shape and design that you are probably used to.

A memory foam pillow is especially good for people who prefer to sleep on their sides and therefore need that extra support to prevent the head tilting too much and causing the shoulders to compress. A bent neck is also a symptom of side sleeping. These problems can be alleviated by the use of a memory foam pillow. It provides the ultimate comfort of space age memory foam and supports the weight of the body in the correct places to hold the body in correct alignment.

People who have previously tried contour style pillows and found them uncomfortable and restrictive may be pleasantly surprised by this technology. The high-tech memory foam pillow is designed to relieve the body of muscle stress in the neck, back and shoulder area during the night, but the beauty of it is that the product always comes back to shape and never needs to be reshuffled like down pillows. All designed to aid a restful night’s sleep.

The industry of the memory foam pillow has become much more expansive and products that are more versatile and adjustable are more readily available. Products such as the Trillow™ memory foam pillow boast both versatility and flexibility. These types of products are unique due to the removable outer shell that makes these pillows adjustable to suit each individuals needs. The outer shell has a few uses but the original manufacturers intentions was to have a section that detached to form a neck-roll to support more than one part of the body with the same pillow.

The contour shape of these pillows allows the person to rest successfully on their side or their back using the product in its zippered pillow cover. If you feel that you need a smaller pillow, you can unzip the outer shell and use the main section in the same way. It will give you a lower profile that might be more suited to you body size. This is most common when resting on your back or stomach.

When sitting up, reading or driving, using the neck-roll from the outer shell can be a great comfort in supporting good posture. Of course, there are a multitude of combinations whilst upright or in bed using the more versatile product, nothing a little experimentation won’t hurt!