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Guide to Pillows

Maternity Pillows

Find out more about Maternity Pillows

Pregnancy is one of the most incredible times in a woman’s life, but also the developing weight and mass bring a time of particular discomfort. To lie on your back can be upsetting or nauseous, and when lying down on your side as an alternative, the weight of the stomach can be felt pulling toward the ground, causing more discomfort.

When lying on their back, pregnant woman find the pressure on their back building and relief from this strain is a burning desire in most cases. Conventional bed pillows are far from up to the task, and to help you properly there are a wide range of maternity pillows designed especially for pregnant women to relief pain and pressure to the back.

The maternity pillow is designed so to support the growing belly and the lower back or lumbar simultaneously. The maternity pillow should come with an adjustable Velcro pad between the two support cushions, helping you adjust the product so it fits and feels comfortable to your individual needs.

Long Form & Short Form Maternity Pillows

Some companies introduce the maternity pillow in two main sizes, the Long Form and the Short Form. It really does depend on your own personal preferences and of course the size of the person in question as to whether the ‘long form’ or the ‘short form’ would be the right maternity pillow for you. Both however, are ideal for the pre-natal support of pregnant women.

A maternity pillow alleviates the difficulties found in finding a comfortable position for lying on the side. The maternity pillows are easy to remove without assistance and so whilst providing hours of comfort and stability the pregnant woman can feel independent also. If you wish to lie down on your back, the maternity pillow can be used to alleviate the tension to the abdominal muscles by placing it under the knees.

The particular maternity pillow in question uses a soft padded flap attached to the pillow that comfortably ‘anchors’ the maternity pillow to both the woman and the bed using the weight of the pregnant woman. The maternity pillow can actually be placed correctly without the need to lift the patient off the bed surface.

A high quality maternity pillow should be washable so to prolong the life of the product and keep it hygienic. The pillow forms are 100% machine washable in hot water and can also be machine dried which has to be a rarity.

The Maternity Body Pillow is another example of a maternity pillow product that is easy to use, washable and practical, has varied firmness to cater for different people, and is hypo allergenic. The pillow cover is 100% natural cotton as opposed to an 80 -20% combination but retails at almost $50. It is especially designed to aid side lying sleep which is the preferred position in pregnancy, but at almost seven times the price, the pillow forms look like a good bargain!

If you wish to look up this product then type in ‘Maternity Body Pillow’ in to a Google search.