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Guide to Pillows

Massage Pillows

Find out more about Massage Pillows

Most massage pillows are the standard size and shape of throw pillows that you may place on your couch or armchair in the living area. The system that operates the pillow most commonly works using regular flashlight batteries and is pressure-activated.

The massage action of a high quality massage pillow should replicate that of a professional masseur which of course would set most people back hundreds of dollars. The beauty of a massage pillow is that it can go wherever you go and can be placed at a specifically painful area on the body, it is ultimately versatile.

Using a Massage Pillow

A massage pillow can relieve the head of painful pressure headaches, just place the massage pillow in the neck and shoulder area and sit back in a high-chair. It fits comfortably to the upper back, middle back and lumbar areas for effective relief of posture and stress back pains. If you suffer from hip problems it is versatile enough to simply be sat upon, and for more specific pain areas such as the back of the hip, place the massage pillow against the sciatic nerve for gentle relief from sciatic pain in a matter of minutes.

After a long day, toxins in the muscles can build up to increase the chances of pain and discomfort, and in many cases acute cramp. Place the massage pillow in the bed before sleep and by putting your calves on it for around ten minutes you will remove the build up of toxins and prevent any future discomfort. A long hard day at work or perhaps shopping can result in sore, aching feet and so use the massage pillow by placing it on the floor and by putting both feet on the pillow in a few minutes the pain and soreness will be soothed.

For people who travel in the sitting position a lot, such as truck drivers or long distance commuters, take the massage pillow with you to prevent any crippling pains or long term injuries that can cause loss of income and depression. Office workers sitting at a desk all day should bring one too for the same reasons.

How much do they cost?

You will have probably seen a massage pillow for sale on a television shopping channel, home show or perhaps a health show. The prices of the pillows vary a great deal and one selling on the internet is likely to be cheaper than on a shopping channel. In many cases it will be half the price!

A high quality massage pillow can be found at a reasonable $25, so don’t go spending $50 on this product. Cheaper than a professional massage every time, the massage pillow is at your beckon call and can be easily stored. It is a wonderful gift for someone that has arthritis, back problems, posture concerns, poor circulation and simply as a relaxing gift for someone that works hard and often comes home stressed and tense.

When ordering your massage pillow be sure to choose a color, otherwise a standard color will be sent out, probably the one that sells the least and not the one that goes with most other color systems.

Hot and Cold Massage Pillows

For a slightly cheaper alternative, it is possible to purchase a hot and cold massage pillow that is heated up in the microwave and chilled in the freezer. Having spent around 25 seconds in the microwave this pillow provides a deep hot therapeutic massage and comes with the vibrator.

For a cold massage place the pillow in the freezer for around ten minutes. Simply flick the switch to operate the vibrator, sit back and enjoy. This massage pillow is also quite versatile and can be used in everyday life. Use the pillow to provide support and comfort to the neck and head whilst driving, sitting or lying down.