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Guide to Pillows

Lumbar Pillows

Find out more about Lumbar Pillows

The back and lumbar pillows featured on the market today can be enjoyed by anyone wishing to improve the quality of their life. This product can be used on a daily basis to help and provide support and comfort to the lower back while sitting to watch television or perhaps driving, lying down to sleep and simply resting. These lumbar pillows are very popular among people making long trips or commuting daily to help with improving the posture whilst driving.

If you are a patient recovering from surgery or perhaps a recent injury, lumbar pillows can be a fantastic way to help support you in recovering and healing quicker as it provides lower back support and therefore reduces the pressure and tension in the back. As part of any surgery or injury it is often part and parcel of the healing process to rest and perhaps even remain lying down in bed for a long time, this can cause a lot of discomfort in the back and so a lumbar pillow is the ideal purchase in many situations. Perhaps a crucial part of the healing process is good posture?

‘D’ Roll Lumbar Pillows

The lumbar pillows available are varied and involve a common theme. Most are some sort of ‘D’ shape and come with an adjustable strap. The ‘D’ roll lumbar cushion helps to reduce the pain in the lower back and stress levels. Of course the product can be used whilst lying down and sitting up and the strap included holds the roll in the correct position. You can either place the lumbar cushion on a chair while sitting or on the bed to support your lower back whilst lying down.

The molded lumbar cushion is made of polyurethane foam so to mold and curve around to the sides of the back providing maximum comfort. Most commonly used whilst driving, molded lumbar pillows provide support for the lumbar as well as the sacral regions of the spinal column whilst sitting.

Half Roll Lumbar Pillows

A variation on the above lumbar pillows are the half roll lumbar pillow. As with all the above lumbar pillows, make sure that you purchase a lumbar pillow from a manufacturer that provides a removable outer pillow cover that can be washed. Most covers are made from a poly/cotton material and straps that are not adjustable are a waste of money and limit the product to make it much less effective!