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Lavender Pillows

Find out more about Lavender Pillows

One probably isn’t aware of this but lavender is also known as Lavandula angustifolia, aspic, lavandin, spike lavender and true lavender. Over the centuries lavender has been used for many of it’s properties in and around the home.

Lavender has been used for many purposes including loss of appetite, nervousness, insomnia, acne, headaches, diabetes, rheumatic pains, nerve pain and colds. I must state that although lavender is a part of many people’s lives, it hasn’t as yet been evaluated by the FDA for safety, effectiveness or even purity.

All the potential risks and/or the potential advantages that lavender may have to offer are indeed unknown. Also, there are no regulated manufacturing standards in place for these compounds. It is wise to make sure that all herbal or health supplements are purchased from a reliable source to minimize the risk of contamination or unauthorized or harmful toxic metals. In stating this however, it is also possible that lavender may have other uses than those listed above and as yet we just don’t know!

Whilst looking on the internet for various products available under lavender pillows, I came across a sweet little site that sold home-made products, hand-crafted with care and attention to detail. Bristen is the site name so just type in ‘Bristen Lavender Pillows’ under a ‘google’ search at Google.

Bristen seems to be a small business ran from a little shop. The owner runs the business from a cottage with a workshop inside. With the use of a little garden the owner ran a herb growing business and grew from there. The idea to go on the web was started from the growth of the herb garden. The site mentions that the owner is a herb gardener and user for more than twenty years from the Minnesota area. They believe that herbs are an important part of our lives bringing a balance and equilibrium to our bodies.

From this site you can purchase a variety of lavender based products from sachets to lavender pillows. A lavender embroidered pillow will cost around $7.50. It is described as a clean and simple product that is embroidered with natural muslin. The fresh smell of lavender can be used to provide a pleasant scent from clothes drawers, between the bed pillows or perhaps on display to refresh the bathroom.

Lavender pillows are filled with a couple of cups of pure lavender buds and the pillow is six inches square in size.