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Guide to Pillows

How to Make a Pillow

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Knowing how to make a pillow is a relatively simple process compared with other “do-it-yourself” projects, and this page is devoted to giving advice on how to go about making pillows from scratch.

First, it’s important to know exactly what kind of pillow you’re trying to make. There are, of course, several different types:

“The Pillow” as a concept can take on many different forms, from a small feather pillow to gigantic bean bag, so consider what kind it is that meets your needs.

There isn’t space here to give a detailed, how-to description of every pillow type, so we must limit this discussion to a description of how to make a pillow (decorative pillow) and how to re-cover old pillows.

Let’s start with a list of essential pillow ingredients:

  1. basic pillow form
  2. enough fabric to cover the form
  3. a zipper
  4. matching thread
  5. a pair of scissors
  6. plenty of straight pins

Making the Pillow Cover

Begin the process by making the pillow cover. If you want to be able to wash this covering, it’s a good idea to pre-wash the fabric so as to avoid shrinkage later. But a word of caution: be sure to check the cleaning instructions of the fabric you’ve chosen to insure you don’t ruin your fabric in the wash.

To begin creating your cover, cut a single piece of fabric the same size as your pillow form, allowing about a half inch extra for making the seam. This will ensure a snug fit. Next, cut out another piece of fabric that’s the same width as the first piece, but approx 3-4 inches longer than it (this piece will become the back of the pillow covering).

Now, take this second piece of fabric and fold it in half, cutting along the fold. Fold over the rough edges of these two back pieces by about ¼ of an inch to hide them and then sew. You are now ready to add a zipper in between the two back pieces. Once the zipper is in place you can begin to sew the front and back of the pillow together. This is easiest to do if you turn the sides backwards as if the pillow were inside out. This technique keeps the seams nice and clean on the exposed side of the pillow covering.

When you are through sewing the two sides together, turn the pillow case right again (inside back out) and insert your pillow through the zippered opening. You now have beautiful finished product.