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Guide to Pillows

Floor Pillows

Find out more about Floor Pillows

Floor pillows are an increasingly popular feature of interior decorating, and such pillows take on many different functions: from the purely decorative to the extreme functionality of a large bean bag.

Need to create extra seating in any room? Or just want to give a room a warmer, cozier, more bohemian feel? Floor pillows are the solution you’ve been looking for.

Childrens Floor Pillows

There are hundreds of floor pillow varieties available today, the most popular of which are designed with young people in mind. Floor pillows designed for kids are usually theme printed.

These themes could be anything from animal prints, to cartoon characters, to pro sport team logos. Animal prints available include leopard, zebra, tiger, underwater scenes, assorted African animals, and many more.

Virtually any sporting team logo you can imagine is available, whether it is baseball, basketball, hockey, college teams, or even NASCAR. Floor pillows of this nature are perfect for a young child’s bedroom and playroom, or for a college student’s dorm room.

Also available for college students are college logo designs. Prices for children’s floor pillows will of course vary greatly depending on the size and design, but generally will fall between $20 and $100. Department stores like J.C. Penny, Famous Barr, and Dillard’s are a great place to begin your search.

Luxury Floor Pillows

The other major type of floor pillows are those intended more as sophisticated decoration. Such floor pillows have been featured recently in women’s magazines, and are growing in popularity as a design feature of a home.

At the high end of luxury are exotic velvet and silk cushions designed and sold at Silk Trading for over $300 each. But there are many other companies who sell floor pillows for less. Companies like Soft Surroundings, and Price Grabber offer floor pillows in the $20 - $100 range.

Is this more money than you’re looking to spend? Not satisfied with the floor pillows you’ve found while shopping around? Why not try making your own floor pillows?

Make your own Floor Pillows

Choose any beautiful fabric you wish, and any basic pillow form, and after a few easy-to-follow steps, you’ve got your very own custom made floor pillow. Specific instructions for making and decorating floor pillows can be found online at sites like Save on Crafts, and DIY Network. Making your own pillow can help save money, as well as allow you to better match the aesthetic of your room.