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Guide to Pillows

Eye Pillows

Find out more about Eye Pillows

Indulge your eyes with the same tender loving care afforded your head and neck each night by purchasing a satin or silk eye pillow. Eye pillows are exactly what their name suggests, a pillow for your eyes.

Similar to a travel mask or sleeping mask, eye pillows block out all light, helping to create an optimal resting environment. But an eye pillow can offer your eyes far more than any sleeping mask. Filled with organic flax seed, these pillows can actually help rejuvenate tired and weary eyes. Flax seed also has a wonderful ability to store cold, so you can refrigerate eye pillows before using which helps reduce swelling and puffiness around your eyes.

The fabric that an eye pillow is generally made from are smooth ones, such as silk and satin. These materials possess a natural coolness that brings relaxation and comfort. What is more, these fabrics are extremely moldable, and conform easily to the contours of your face, adding a gentle pressure you will find both relaxing, and calming.

However, silk or satin are not up your ally, there are other fabric options available on the market for your eye pillow such as rayon. There are many choices of color too. In terms of solid materials, there are color ranges all the way from black, to moss green, to slate, to lavender. If patterned materials are what you’re after, there is a wide selection of elegant and exotic sari prints available from companies such as BarefootTM Yoga Co., and a varied selection of prints from Native Scents.

Aside from organic flax seed, eye pillows are often filled with aromatherapy herbs such as lavender, which work on several levels, as an anti-depressant, detoxifier, and a sedative. Lavender is one of the most common herbs used in aiding sleep, so you can see how the comfort of an eye pillow is a luxury worth trying. Sometimes other herbs fragrances are used as well, the most popular of which is mint.

Eye pillows are usually zippered to allow for the contents to be emptied for washing, or periodic refreshing. What is more, any good eye pillow will come with a zippered storage pouch which helps keep the pillow looking great, and helps lock freshness in. Before you buy an eye pillow, make sure it includes this important if not essential feature.

How much do they cost?

And you won’t have to break the bank to afford one either. Generally a good silk or satin eye pillow, with matching zippered carrying case costs no more than $17, and often as little as $10. At such affordable prices, you just can’t go wrong giving one a try. Imagine the possibility of better, longer, and more restful sleep!