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Guide to Pillows

Decorative Throw Pillows

Find out more about Decorative Throw Pillows

Everyone wants their home to be special and unique and one of the easiest ways to make your home so is to carefully consider the décor. We all know that wallpaper design and paint color can have a huge influence on our state of mind and even our well-being so it’s important that these are tailored to make us feel comfortable and relaxed.

Decorative throw pillows take your home décor just that little step further by allowing you to add some truly individual touches whilst creating a cozy and welcoming environment. They can become a focal point in your home, a thing that the kids, and even visitors, will be drawn to and want to talk about. Therefore, it’s important to choose pillows that are individual but also functional.

Blankets n More offer a superb array of decorative throw pillows, many with animal prints and designs on them. A deer print or wolf print throw cushion would be ideal just about anywhere in your home but may look especially effective and striking if placed on a sofa. It would also be the ideal gift for an animal-loving family member. A hummingbird or duck print cushion might suit a bird-watcher or provide inspiration for getting kids interested in wildlife and nature. These decorative pillows cost between $15 and $30 and vary according to size and design.

Sure Fit offer a wide range of decorative throw pillows that would suit any home that has stylish décor that has a particular theme. Whether it’s corduroy, denim, chenille or suede, you are bound to find it at Sure Fit. Their extensive stock covers most types of material and print design as well as any other extra features that are unique to your home. Prices vary according to the size, material and design of the cushion but they are generally fairly low with a cotton duck fringe pillow costing $8-10 and a striped cabana throw cushion priced at $29.

For more individual decorative throw pillow designs, Cafe Press offer many that are unique in style and taste. For example, a ‘peace’ throw pillow has a peace sign, hippy flowers and the word ‘peace’ incorporated into the design and is brightly colored to make a striking addition to any wannabe hippy’s home. This particular pillow costs $18, as do most of the other designs available on Café Press.

Other designs include a sunset, a roadmap, an angel dove, and a ‘chicks rule’ motif for those girls with attitude! These decorative throw pillows are black and have a design on only one side of the pillow. They are generously sized at 18” by18” with the image design covering 11” by 11”. The pillows have a removable cover that can be easily zipped off for machine washing.