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Guide to Pillows

Contour Travel Pillows

Find out more about Contour Travel Pillows

There are many types of pillows that are designed specifically for use when traveling by car, plane or coach. However, memory foam contour pillows are one of the most ideal for using for this purpose, even though they are not necessarily exclusively a travel pillow.

The therapeutic qualities of the foam material that a contour travel pillow is manufactured from makes them ideal for effective neck and head support when traveling, whether for sleeping or just simply providing support whilst driving.

The special foam that these pillows are made from reacts to your body heat and causes the material to be able to change shape, moulding to support the head and neck. This technology means that the most comfortable shape for a supportive pillow is developed and remains until the pillow stops being used. As the material loses heat, it returns to its original shape ready to be re-molded for the next use.

The Vitalfoam Memory U-shaped Travel Pillow is a U-shaped design of memory foam which provides support for the head and neck whilst traveling. In addition to supporting the head, the horseshoe-shaped pillow helps to relieve pressure, prevent stiffness and alleviate soreness. This pillow is available from Vitalityweb for $39.95.

The Compact Vitalfoam Memory Travel Pillow is designed to contour to your head and neck whilst traveling and has an open cell structure air ventilating duct system that reduces the build up of odors. It is designed to take up minimal space and it can be rolled tightly away with the help of a Velcro strap. It comes complete with a carrying case with a handle and an attachable strap. It is available from Vitalityweb for $64.95.

Lewis N. Clark offers a contour travel pillow that comes as part of a set with a warm and cozy blanket, available in several patterns, and an eye mask. The pillow offers effective support for the head and neck and the three piece set comes in its only carry pack, weighing 1 lb in total. Ebags offer this set at a sale price of $19.99 compared to a regular price of $25.

Lewis N. Clark also manufactures a ‘Mood’ contour travel pillow that is ideal for traveling. The pillow is filled with polystyrene micro-beads that mould to support your head correctly. This pillow, priced $12.50, is again available from Ebags.

Better Sleep Pillow sell their trademark product with the specific aim of making sleeping as comfortable as possible. Their lightweight compact product can also be used to make travel sleep as comfortable as possible. The memory foam of this travel contour pillow provides superb support as it re-adjusts its ‘memory’ as your head position changes whilst you sleep. The Better Sleep Pillow™ is available priced $99.95 from the website above.