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Boyfriend Arm Pillows

Find out more about Boyfriend Arm Pillows

Perhaps one of the most bizarre products ever created is the boyfriend arm pillow. This is a massive pillow shaped as a man’s arm with the dimensions of 73 x 65 x 18 which is designed with a crooked arm at 90 degrees giving you a place to nestle against when you sleep. This pillow is quite versatile with lots of different positions to sleep in while always having the feeling of an arm wrapped around you. You can even use it to lean against with the arm wrapped around your waist if you are sitting up in bed or watching TV.

These pillows are stuffed with cotton and polyester with pillow cases designed as a shirt complete with buttons and cuffs available in blue, green and pink. The other feature in the boyfriend arm pillows include a vibrating alarm clock to wake you in the morning.

Boyfriend arm pillows are a Japanese design and are only available in Japan or from the internet with a cost of between $77 and $106 depending on the website you buy from. The cheapest seems to be Engadget. Tamoki Kakehashi, the president of Kameo says: “the unique structure keeps the human body balanced by supporting the sleeper from both sides.”

It seems to be a huge success in Japan. Women have been queuing up around the streets to buy this latest product. Without a doubt it is nice to sleep with an arm around you and the boyfriend arm pillow does give you the comfort and idea of security of a real arm without the snoring and fidgeting a man would give you. However, it has to be said, there is something slightly disturbing about the idea of a fake arm wrapped around you.

One benefit of this might be for children who are learning to sleep without their mom and dad. The arm still represents something to lean on and to give them comfort but helps the child make that next step in their development. It is no different to a teddy bear in this respect.

The boyfriend arm pillows might be a way of promoting sleep for women who have just become single. It is always difficult to sleep alone once you are used to companionship in bed and this pillow gives you something to snuggle up against. Perhaps the day you don’t need the boyfriend arm pillow anymore will be the day you have found closure on your ex-boyfriend or ex-husband.

Kameo is looking to produce different models of boyfriend arm pillows, designed to represent different body builds, a more muscular and a more sensitive design. A girlfriend lap pillow has also been created; these are pillows shaped as a woman’s lap complete with a skirt.