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Guide to Pillows

Bolster Pillows

Find out more about Bolster Pillows

There are numerous different styles of pillows:

There are many other supportive cushions but bolster pillows are often used for decoration. They are generally made from wool, cotton, polyester or chenille but they have been coined by many different countries to express their own national individual artistic flare, for example, there are bolster pillows from France, Slovenia, the Czech Republic and designs from the Orient and ancient Roman times. Bolster pillows are an economical way of decorating a room, they add warmth and style and can make a bed look really attractive.

Bolster pillows come in different sizes from around 8 inches to 16 inches, all designs are based on a cylindrical shape but there are slight variations such as half rounded, peaked, contoured and angled bolster pillows.

These pillows offer a solid and comfortable support and can be used to support the small of the back, the neck or the foot. Their practical size enables you to easily transport bolster pillows around with you whilst making those long train, plane and car journeys a little more bearable. Some bolster pillows are filled with buckwheat which is a recommended support by chiropractors as it eases neck and back pain, muscular aches and aids sleep. These can be used to give you support when you are meditating or practising yoga and even to support your head when you are exercising.

More and more people are becoming allergic to dust mites which are attracted to goose down pillows. Incidentally, it is not the actual feathers that causes the allergic reaction but the dust which is left on the feathers after the cleaning process is complete in the initial production process.

There is a large selection of bolster pillows which are hypo-allergenic and are filled with buckwheat, latex foam, hollow fiber, hyperdown and wool rather than duck down. If you prefer a feather filling, silver goose down is an alternative is an anti allergenic feather stuffing which gives a long lasting prevention against dust mites and their eggs.

Buckwheat pillows are not only hypo allergenic but are said to give you a more comfortable nights sleep as they support your head and spine all night long reducing the likelihood of any muscular aches or headaches. Unlike feather pillows, buckwheat will maintain the shape of the pillow adjusting to your shape.

Obviously bolster pillows are not meant to be used like bed pillows but they can be used to give you additional support for a comfortable rest. Relief Mart have produced a whole range of neck supportive pillows with a foam memory. Their bolster foam memory pillow is priced at $59.99 on the website Relief Mart and can be used when you are resting or sleeping.