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Guide to Pillows

Body Pillows

Find out more about Body Pillows

A poor night’s sleep really effects our day: we lose concentration, we are constantly stifling yawns and we feel generally lousy. If this is happening to you, perhaps it is the fault of your pillows.

Cushioned support in bed is essential for a restful nights sleep otherwise we are constantly moving to find a comfortable sleeping position and we wake up with aching joints and a stiff neck. There are lots of different types of pillows available to help us sleep. These can be used to give support to sufferers of ailments such as arthritis, fibromyalgia and sciatica and also for pregnant women or simply just for those of us who are having trouble sleeping.

There are a number of different types of pillows which we can try:

Body pillows, as the name suggests, support the whole of your body all through the night. If you like to sleep amongst a nest of pillows but end up tossing and turning because the cushions are never quite in the right position and then you spend a while the next morning picking them up from your floor, then body pillows are definitely for you. They will curve around your natural body contour keeping the alignment of body in its natural position while giving you support for your head, shoulders, neck, back and knees. As well as sleeping on, you can use body pillows for watching TV, reading or nursing your child.

How much do they cost?

The range of body pillows is quite large beginning around $35 reaching $140. Why is there such a large price range? The difference is the shape, the flexibility and the filling of the material.

At the lower end of the price range is the Obus Forme Body Pillows which are a rectangular full length pillow designed for sleeping on or just propping against.

At the other extreme is the Comfort U Body Pillows which are U shape in design with each leg measuring 64 inches which you can mould to any shape you like: roll over, curl up or lie straight. The biggest factor which justifies the price of $140 is the addition of the revolutionary fossfill which is a synthetic fiber which allows air to flow freely around the pillow reducing the pressure on your skin and also maintaining a fluffy cushion feel all night long giving you a restful night’s sleep.

Kapok is another popular filling in pillows. This is a natural alternative to synthetic fillings and is used to stuff the Sleeping Bean Natural Kapok Body Pillows which are recommended by doctors, physio therapists and chiropractors. Other pillow fillings which you might prefer are goose feathers, polyfill which is a hypoallergenic filling and anti bacterial fiber fills which discourage the growth of bacteria and fungus.