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Guide to Pillows

Bed Pillows

Find out more about Bed Pillows

Sleeping soundly is necessary for everybody and it is essential to be comfortable at night therefore you must use a pillow which suits your sleeping needs. There are three general different sizes of bed pillows:

  • standard
  • king size
  • queen size

Match the size of the pillow to your bed. Some bed pillows are flatter than others and a general rule of thumb is back sleepers need flatter pillows to side sleepers which need a little more support.

The function of a bed pillow is to support the head while keeping the spine as straight as possible. No matter what type of pillow you have, it is really important to protect it with a pillow cover as well as pillow cases. This is to minimize the amount of washing and also it protects the filling inside from becoming lumpy.

There are several different terms which categorize different pillow types:

  • Thread count: the number of threads in one square inch of fabric. The finer the yarn, the higher the count.
  • Barrier weave: the tightness of the yarn which secures the filling in the pillow.
  • Pillow Fill: name for the space of one ounce of down occupied in one cubic inch. The higher the fill, the more dust and allergens are kept out of the pillow.

One of the most important factors in deciding what bed pillows are best for you is to choose which type of stuffing you want in your pillow; goose down, cotton, latex, wool and foam are the most common.

Many people are allergic to down pillows because of the dust which is attached to the goose down rather than the down itself. There are hypo allergenic bed pillows which are designed to block the dust mites and promote sleep. Pacific Coast Feather products have produced AllerRest Down Pillows which are perfect for allergy prone sleepers. These are priced between $69 and $89. All Pacific Coast Feather products are backed by an allergy free warranty.

For those of us who are asthmatic or need hypo allergenic bed pillows, the following fillings will help you gain a restful night sleep:

  • Wool pillows have naturally anti-allergic properties as it is a very porous material so any moisture is absorbed into the wool which is quickly. Dust mites are only attracted to damp conditions.
  • Cotton is a hypo allergenic material which giving firm support for sleepers while keeping sleepers cool by the breathable properties found in cotton.
  • Latex gives a mildew and dust mite proof pillow which does not lose its shape after sleeping.
  • Hyperdown is a combination of goose down and syriaca which gives you the comfort of goose down with the hypo allergenic properties of the syriaca.