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Guide to Pillows

Bath Pillows

Find out more about Bath Pillows

There are two different types of bath pillows available to buy; those which you sit on to stop you from slipping in the bath and those which you rest behind you head or neck to give additional comfort when soaking in the tub. The prices of both of these designs range considerably between $5 and $75.

Bath pillows are always inflatable and can be filled with cold water, hot water and air. Hot water can be very soothing on aching necks and backs as cold water pillows are perfect for keeping cool on those hot summer evenings.

A head and neck pillow is fitted with suction plugs which fasten the pillow securely to the bath allowing you to slouch into the water without the pillow slipping away. It is possible to buy bath pillows which come with the additional luxury of vibrating and are used for massaging the head and neck. These have nodules on the surface of the cushion and come in two different speeds giving you a penetrating massage. These bath pillows are all waterproof and are highly durable.

The Spa Massaging Bath Pillow on the website Comfort House is priced at $29.95. If you prefer a more solid cushion, you can buy bath pillows with a pollyfill stuffing which is wrapped in a water resistant jacket.

If you simply want a support for your head, there is the White Terry Bath pillow at $5. However, if you prefer something a little more luxurious, there is Supracor design priced at $72 found on Supracor. What makes this considerably more expensive than the other designs? The pillow is made from fusion bonded honeycomb. This versatile material is used in the top brands of athletic shoes, used in mattresses to ease the pain of burns and cancer patients and used to provide cushioning in amusement park rides. Referring back to the Supracor bath pillows, the perforated cells allow the pillows to dry quickly as well as giving them antifungal and antibacterial properties.

There are a number of novelty bath pillows which would make great presents for kids or even for grown ups. Some look more comfortable than others; shell shapes seem to be particularly popular. Designs range from inflatable seats which you can use anywhere in the house from the garden to your bath to a rather bizarre pig shaped pillow.

Elderly & Disabled Bathing

For the elderly and disabled, bathing can sometimes be rather problematic. There are a number of bath accessories such as rubber mats, neck rests, bath steps and shampoo basin.

As well as bath pillows, there are cushions and inflatable bath seats to ensure a safe and comfortable bath. These can both be used with bath hoists. These cushions are designed to relieve pressure on the scapula and to prevent sacral decubitus ulcers as well as taking away the cold feeling on your bum when you sit in the bath.