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Guide to Pillows

Backrest Pillows

Find out more about Backrest Pillows

If you are suffering from back or leg ache or you simply need some extra support when you are sitting, backrest pillows may be the answer to relieving some of your pain. There are many different designs depending on your needs and how much you are prepared to spend; prices range to nearly $200. Although this may sound expensive we only get the one body so it is very important to take care of your posture in order to secure a healthy body. Many pillows are orthopedically designed relieving the pressure from your spine and lower lumbar area.

The first thing you need to decide before you buy your backrest pillows is which area in your back do you feel you need the support. There are back pillows designed to specifically support the small of your back. These are cut to a size of roughly 13 by 14 inches and are priced around $20-$30. Larger backrest pillows such as the Core HiBak Rest is designed to support the whole of your lumbar spine and is ideal for driving or sitting in an office for long stretches.

If you are prepared to spend a little more money, there are backrest pillows which are shaped like a seat with no legs. The Better Back Universal Back Rest and Seat is priced at $189 and features Tempur Pedic Foam whose pressure relieving properties provides immense comfort and padding. The seat has a wooden base which adds support encouraging a natural posture.

If you prefer a cheaper option, the Therm A Rest Backrest pillows are priced at $30 and can be moulded to whatever shape you desire. It reduces the tension in your back before it develops into back pain. Other back rests this size is the lateral designed Bifom Lumbar Support Pillow which will sit in any chair or the Obus Forme Supporting Roll can be used to cushion the small of the back or the neck.. These backrest pillows are all priced under $35.

If you are suffering from severe back pain, the Comfort-Core reduces the pain by concentrating support on the lumbar sacral region of the lower back, basically situated between the hip bones and the pelvis. This design features a hard plastic base which is covered with convoluted foam and is ideal for car journeys or any other long sitting sessions.

Magnetic seats are a popular design which uses the benefits of magnetic therapy: negative ions are used to relieve the pain and positive ions help rebalance the energy in your body. These magnetic seats can come as a full chair or just as a cushion.

For elderly people who are lacking comfort when sitting, there are orthopaedically designed cushions which spread the weight evenly across the lower back whilst supporting the lower lumbar area. These are easy to carry around, fit into any type of chair or car seat and are reasonable priced at around $22.

Good websites for backrest pillows are: Pain Reliever, Comfort Channel and Eldercorner.