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Guide to Mattresses


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Buying a mattress is one of the most important decisions you will make over the next few years. On average, mattresses are replaced every ten years, so it is important that you make the right choice when you buy your new mattress as you will most likely be stuck with it for a while. As we spend a third of our lives in bed, it is wise to make sure that you have the best mattress for your needs, your health will suffer if you don’t.

There are many things to consider, and this website is here to help you address some of those factors. If you are replacing an existing bed, it is advisable to buy a complete bed unit, not just a mattress because the chances are that the springs in the bed frame will also be worn out and as they support the mattress, it is essential that they are in good condition. However, this website is about mattresses. For more information about beds themselves, see

Types of Mattress

The last two decades have seen the development of many new types of mattress, indeed it could be said that the last twenty years have seen the biggest developments in mattresses since the introduction of the coil spring design from Spring Air in 1926.

The biggest development has been the introduction of the memory foam mattress, which has revolutionized the industry. Memory foam is a very special material that was developed by NASA to help astronauts cope with G-Forces. After years of development, it became apparent that memory foam has great benefits for people with back problems, circulation problems and rheumatism. For people who do not yet have experience such difficulties, memory foam can help to keep it at bay.

Memory foam is temperature sensitive and moulds around your body as you lie in the mattress, taking your shape as it does so. Therefore it gives your spine the chance to be aligned in the most natural way and reduces pressure points, which leads to greater comfort and better quality sleep.

In addition to the materials that mattresses are made from, there is a wide range of choice in mattress sizes. We have information about all the most popular sizes, on the following pages:

Choosing a mattress can be a very difficult task, so we’ve tried to advise you with some do’s and don’ts. Our pages on mattress reviews, mattress comparisons and mattress ratings can all be of benefit to you if you use them in the right way, so take a look to see how you can use the information that is out there to help you make your choice.

For people working on a budget, we also have advice on buying a cheap mattress or a discount mattress. Whilst we would always say that it is worth spending as much as you can afford on a mattress as your health and comfort could depend on it, there are ways in which you can get the most from your money.