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Guide to Massage Chairs

Massage Chairs

Find out more about Massage Chairs

Sounds blissful doesn’t it? Getting home after a hard day, flopping into your comfortable massage chair and having all the stress and strain gently massaged away while you relax with your eyes closed, gently drifting…

Hello? Hello? We’re not finished yet!

Ask anyone who owns a massage chair and they’ll tell you the same: massage chairs are it. And you don’t need to take our word for it either. Why not try out one of those coin-operated massage chairs that are appearing at shopping malls all over the country? Or check out the massage chair that more and more waiting rooms seem to be sprouting?

At least you will get an idea of what you are missing. Just take plenty of small change or turn up early for your appointment in case you need a second or third try-out to be sure…

The fact is more and more people are cottoning on not only to the relaxation and stress relief a massage chair can bring, but also the health promotion benefits like lowered blood pressure and improved skin tone a good massage provides. Surprisingly, perhaps, massage chairs hold almost universal appeal. From stressed out office workers to young mothers, sports enthusiasts to our senior citizens.

Here on this site, we aim to make it easy for potential massage chair buyers to get all the right facts and make informed purchasing decisions. With massage chair prices being not insubstantial, buyers want to be certain they are purchasing a massage chair that’s right for them. And we also go that extra mile by ensuring the whole process is as straight-forward and hassle-free as possible. We bring the massage chair companies to you!

To bring buyers up to speed on the subject of massage chairs, we go through the foremost questions on everyone’s mind in a chair massage 101 session. For example, discover which chair covering you can live with and how best to avoid after-sales wrangles.

We look, too, in turn at some of the most popular types of massage chair currently on the market and give the inside line on the makes and models you’ll be most frequently offered. And, in a neatly holistic approach to massage chair buying, we also examine the world of the massage chair reviews. Find out who writes them and why. And where’s best for impartial comment.

We spotlight two manufacturers, iJoy massage chairs and Sanyo massage chairs, for the sole reason these two are among the leading massage chair companies in the world and account for a large slice of the US market. In many respects the pair are quite diverse and target different sectors of the market. Learn, for instance, which one is hip and funky, and which isn’t.