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Guide to Mailboxes


Find out more about the different types of Mailbox

There are many different types of mailbox. Choosing a mailbox can actually add value to your home by creating outside appeal to the property. But with so many styles, how do you make the right choice? There are many factors you should consider when choosing a mailbox:

The first decision to make is what sort of mailbox you would like. post mount mailboxes are typically installed at the foot of your front garden and they require a post and mounting board. Wall mount mailboxes are a common choice and are generally installed by the front door of your home. They may require mounting screws and are very easy to maintain.

The next decision is to decide what style of mailbox you would most prefer. Most mailboxes are either considered modern/contemporary or traditional in design. Some may well be a mixture of both old and new styles, but it is best to choose a style that will reflect the design of your home.

With the style in mind, you must now decide what material you wish your mailbox to be made from. Remember some materials will be more suited to the traditional styles such as brass and copper. Consider the following when selecting your mailbox material:


Steel mailboxes are rust-resistant, heavy-duty and extremely durable. They are often made with galvanized steel approximately between 14 and 20 gauge ranging from standard to heavy. If you are into strength then opt for the heavy plated steel material as this is virtually indestructible!


Aluminum will not rust and is strong enough. It will resist erosion and weathering from the elements so is ideal for coastal areas.


Plastic is a versatile material and it's strength is often underestimated. It ranges from standard thickness to a virtually indestructible double-wall construction. This material is also rust proof.


Brass is definitely a material that has a lot of character. I would say it is classic in design but some styles, such as the saddlebag mailbox, are quite retro. If cared for and well maintained, brass mailboxes can last for many years and get more character with age.

Now that you have decided on you material it is the color and finish that will be the last decision in terms of the final look of the mailbox. Mailboxes have a variety of colors and finishes that can depend on the choice of material. It is possible to have a hand-painted design on your mailbox, using acrylic paint or perhaps just a high gloss and textured finish will do. Some manufacturers will coat their products in a protective powder paint that will ensure maximum protection from the weather and make your mailbox even more durable.

The next decision to make is what size mailbox you will need. Post mount mailboxes range from standard to extra large but wall mount designs range in size from small to extra large. This is a choice that you must make depending on how much mail you normally receive and how often you want to collect the post.

The last decision is security. If you are concerned about mail theft or vandalism then select a mailbox that has a locking door. The appearance of locking mailboxes tends to be almost identical to that of the non-locking option.

Remember that mailbox posts are usually sold separately and when choosing your post, make sure that the mailbox and post are compatible for installation.