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Guide to Light Bulbs

Light Bulbs

Find out more about Light Bulbs

Light bulbs are all around us, different types serving different functions at any given time. We take them for granted but just how would we cope without them? We use them for nearly every activity in life, from driving to using our mobile phones. They are such an important, integral part of our daily existence and so much of our modern lifestyle and economy is based around lighting.

The light bulb was the natural result of the discovery of electricity since every other form of lighting pre-electricity was either messy or dangerous, and often both. This development of electric lighting began to really take off after electricity had firmly established itself (around the mid 1800’s) and the both the American, Thomas Edison and the Englishman, Sir Joseph Swan devised the principles of the electric light bulb at approximately the same time (1878-9).

Within 25 years or so, electrical lighting had been installed in millions of homes around the world and people were never to revert back to the old ways of lighting again. Since the incandescent (normal) light bulb is actually a very simple idea, made up of only a few components, the invention was not only extremely practical but also inexpensive to manufacture.

Nowadays, electrical lighting is a little more complicated and there are many different types of light bulbs to choose from. Normal incandescent light bulbs are still the most popular choice for domestic use since they give off a warm ‘sunny’ light, ideal for illuminating rooms in the home and making them appear cozy. However, they are not necessarily the most economical and with an ever-increasing need to be environmentally conscious, more and more people are turning to the halogen light bulbs and CFL (Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs).

The improved technology of these light sources means that they are now able to produce a warmer light than before and are usually ‘flicker-free’, a previously classic trait of these bulbs upon switching them on. They often do not take time to warm up either and because they not only use significantly less energy than a same-size incandescent, but last for up to 7 years, they are a great replacement for normal light bulbs in the home. Even fluorescent tube light bulbs have progressed so that the familiar yellow-green flickering light has been replaced by a friendlier color and a larger output of lumens (the measurement of light).

This site is here to help you distinguish between the different types of light bulbs available on the Internet, whatever the requirements may be. We have examined the service provided by a couple of the top names in lighting and also looked at the market for discount long life light bulbs. Maybe you will use this site as a guide when looking to purchase light bulbs and perhaps you will even discover something you never knew about light bulbs and how they work!