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Guide to Futon Covers

Futon Covers

Find out more about Futon Covers

Futon furniture is usually sold in three parts: the frame, the mattress, and the cover. Although all three parts are important in the function and design of the futon, the cover can be the focal point in your room depending on which fabric you choose. A bright colorful design can add cheer to a darker living space. Or a neutral color can blend into a space that already has a bright airy feel.

If you are the type of person that likes change and options in your home decorating, one of the many reasons to choose a futon is for the versatility the futon covers offer you. In a matter of seconds you can give your room a very different look by merely switching the cover of your futon with a new print or solid. As styles of prints and solids come and go, you can keep your futon looking new and stylish with a new cover.

How much do they cost?

Changing the print on your futon may sound costly. However, cheaper futon covers may cost as little as 50 dollars. Futon covers generally range in price from $30 - $300 dollars depending on the durability, design and size.

Because the cover can be bought separately from the mattress, home fabric companies have been able to specialize in futon covers and offer an enormous selection of prints as well as solids to go on your futon. They often give you the choice of matching pillow as well.

One of the things to keep in mind when looking for a futon cover is the size you need as well as its model. Not all futons are made alike. Make sure the cover is designed for the type of futon you want.

If you find one that fits your futon, you might want to look at the durability or makeup of the fabric. If you know that your futon will be used often, you might want to pick a strong fabric that will stand the wear and tear of everyday use. Fabric can also be treated “weather resistant» if you are looking for futon that might be exposed to sun, wind or dampness. Covers you buy come with care instructions if they should be stained that can be machine washed, dry cleaned or spot cleaned.

Materials used for Futon Covers

Some of the many different materials used to make futon covers are cottons, denims, polyester, acrylic blends, suede, leather, velvet, linen, terry cloth, and brocade fabrics. If the fabric exists, you can probably find it in a futon cover catalogue. There is an enormous variety within each category of fabric. Some of the categories available include stripes, plaids, florals, contemporary art prints, Asian prints, animal prints and tie-dyed prints.

Don’t get too frustrated trying to pick out the right fabric. Find something that suits you now and rest assured that in two years if you no longer care for it, you can change it.