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Guide to Emergency Lights

Emergency Lights

Find out more about Emergency Lights

In an emergency the main thing you need is light. Nobody likes to be in the dark especially when there is something happening that is putting you in danger. Emergency lights should be imperative in any building in order to restore a bit of normality after an incident occurs. They can usually be found suspended over doorways or in stairwells, and often they are in tandem with exit lights.

Emergency lights are not only used in buildings. They are used everywhere to indicate that there is a sense of urgency. Ambulances and police cars use emergency lights to warn others of their presence. When you are trying to get somewhere in your vehicle in a hurry, lighting provides an excellent source of warning that alerts other people on the road to get out of the way. Emergency vehicle lights are used around the world and create a universal language of alarm. The standard emergency colors are red and blue but secondary emergency lights also use yellow. If you want your emergency light to get even more attention then why not get one that flashes.

The cost of emergency lighting varies dramatically. Small battery operated lights can be no more than a few dollars while some of the larger strobes can cost up to several thousand dollars. At the end of the day you should never compromise safety for a cheap price.

This web site seeks to hunt out the best in emergency lighting so that you can concentrate on more important things! The variety of emergency lighting on the internet is huge and without some assistance may be a little daunting for a novice.

The page dedicated to emergency vehicle lights sets out where to find them and what to look out for. It gives tips on how to fit the lights and how to check that they are still functioning. You must remember that like any other light, you should check the bulb regularly. Because your light is needed for emergency purposes it is even more imperative that you carry out regular checks.

The page dedicated to emergency strobe lights is the perfect example of flashing to get more attention! Strobes are an amazing feat of science and they produce amazing effects. Their intensity and brightness means that they are perfectly suited to emergency situations. Research has shown that strobes can be seen from up to three miles away!

LED lights can be just as powerful as strobes but on balance they are far more reliable and hardwearing. On the page dedicated to LED emergency lights we look into the workings of a LED lights and their circuits.

The last page on emergency light bars is a must see if you are buying emergency lighting for your vehicles.