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Guide to Chandeliers

Wrought Iron Chandeliers

Find out more about Wrought Iron Chandeliers

It’s likely that what you envision when someone mentions the word chandelier is an image of one of those huge, luxurious, and extravagantly expensive masses of crystal and gold hanging in some palace somewhere. And true, these do exist. But you may be surprised to discover that chandeliers made from iron are far more common on today’s market than anything as lavish as all that. These are generally not only more appropriate for the average home, but are far more affordable as well.

Wrought iron chandeliers are a great way to bring a profound sense of romance, nostalgia, and a touch of old-world luxury into your living space, all for much less than other types of chandeliers – especially crystal chandeliers. A wrought iron chandelier can instantly change the look of your home from drab to fab! What is more, most wrought iron chandelier models fit nicely within your budget.

Although there are literally hundreds of choices facing the wrought iron chandelier consumer, these tend to fall into one of two categories: authentic candle burning models of which there are still some made, or modernized replicas which use electric light bulbs. The electric models are usually designed in such a way as to imitate the original candle-burning look, with bulbs shaped like small flames. And so if candles seem too much of a hassle for your lifestyle, then electric models are your best bet.

There are virtually hundreds and hundreds of styles and models on the market when it comes to electric light bulb burning wrought iron chandeliers, and these tend to vary in several key ways. First, by the amount of individual lights they operate each – usually between 3 and 8, but sometimes up to 12+. Because light bearing is the reason chandeliers were invented in the first place, you can imagine that the number of lights on a chandelier will greatly influence the size, weight, shape, and style to a significant degree. Therefore, it is important to consider very carefully the specific needs and capacity of your room before going out to buy.

As alluded to earlier, wrought iron chandelier prices tend to be much lower than other chandelier types, particularly when compared to high-quality crystal chandeliers which are often priced well into the thousands. However, they can still sometimes cost up to $1000 or more for a large or a highly decorative design. But don’t be dismayed, the average price of a good quality wrought iron chandelier is generally between $200 and $400, and sometimes as low as $100 if you are persistent in your search.