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Guide to Chandeliers

Italian Chandeliers

Find out more about Italian Chandeliers

Italian style chandeliers are known as being among the most inventive, highly decorative, and luxurious chandeliers on earth. Very often they are of a multi-tiered design, consisting of several levels of lights which help create a truly impressive and overwhelming visual image. In addition, they frequently tend to adopt an almost spidery quality due to their numerous protruding arms.

But the meaning of the term “Italian chandelier” refers only to a sense of Rococo sensibility and style particular to the Italian baroque era, and doesn’t exclude certain materials, ornaments, or sizes. On the contrary, one is just as likely to find small brass chandeliers with 6 arms, as they are to find massive iron and crystal chandeliers with 14+ arms. This is to say that although there is an instantly recognizable Italian style, there are many different materials to which this style was applied to, and thus two Italian chandeliers may look rather different from each other.

These days, an authentic antique Italian chandelier will often sell at an auction house or specialty antique store for tens of thousands of dollars (sometimes even more depending on the make and model). But don’t be discouraged by this if these prices are beyond your budget, as there are many fine modern reproductions of these chandeliers for sale from many different companies which are very reasonably priced.

Often these copies will sell for well under $1000. A company called Bellacor advertises a beautiful, two-tiered, hand-painted Italian style chandelier made from brass and ceramic for the modest price of just $614. For a very different look, Bellacor offers also offers a two-tiered chandelier made from iron and glass which is named after the famous Medici family – among the most famous patrons of the arts in Europe. Yet another online company called Lampsontheweb, boasts an entire Italian-influenced collection of modern reproductions with dozens and dozens of chandeliers to choose from.

If you’ve got a bit more than that to spend and are interested in a chandelier destined to become a family heirloom, then a company called Holtkotter is a great place to start looking. They have many finest quality reproduction chandeliers which sell between $1000 and $10,000. One particularly gorgeous model they offer is a three-tiered, polished brass Italian style chandelier selling for around $7000. A feature piece of this quality is destined to be passed down from generation to generation.

Italy has a long and glorious history of excellence in food, architecture, clothing among many other things, and to purchase an authentic Italian antique chandelier or a reproduction of one is to bring all the romance of Italy into your home. Nothing helps create a beautiful and luxurious atmosphere quite like a chandelier.