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Antler Chandeliers

Find out more about Antler Chandeliers

An antler chandelier is the perfect finishing touch to a rustic home design. Essentially, antler chandeliers consist of varying arrangements of deer, elk, or moose antlers combined with varying numbers of lights. Like other types of chandeliers, this whole construction is hung from the ceiling and creates an impressive centerpiece for any western, or outback style space. Some antler chandeliers are constructed of real antlers and some with synthetic antlers. Either way, real or imitation, there are many different antler types to choose from, including fallow deer, whitetail deer, caribou, elk, moose, mule deer, and red stag.

At a certain point each year, usually following the mating season, horned wildlife like deer and elk shed their antlers, which later grow back after a period of several months. Companies specialising in the manufacture of antler chandeliers made of real antlers are usually quick to point out that they only use already shed antlers in the manufacture of their products and that no animals have been killed in the making of their products. However, not all antler chandelier makers advertise this same policy, so if wildlife protection is your concern, don’t hesitate to ask how the antlers were harvested if you have any doubts.

Prices for real antler chandeliers can be rather high, generally running from around $500 for a basic whitetail piece to upwards of $3000 - $4000 for a grand elk or moose design. But if these figures scare you off the idea of purchasing your own antler chandelier, don’t worry, because there is another option.

Some companies boast antler chandeliers constructed of synthetic materials. These are apparently supposed to look and feel almost completely identical to real antlers, as well as generally costing a lot less. Where a real whitetail deer chandelier might set you back upwards of $800, a similar fixture made from synthetic materials is often half that price. Synthetic antler chandeliers are indeed an effective and cheaper alternative if the real thing stretches your budget too far. I doubt anyone will be able to tell the difference. In fact, many touring taxidermy and antler record-book shows use the same synthetic materials to replicate real trophy antlers.

So if you want to turn your rustic home, cabin, or lodge into a more authentic western environment, you’ll definitely want to check out the many companies offering antler chandeliers.