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Guide to Chandeliers


Find out more about Chandeliers

This web site is designed to provide a deeper understanding of the interior lighting device know as the chandelier, as well as to give some sense of the wealth of options available to anyone interested in owning one. Along the way we’ll look at various chandelier categories such as crystal chandeliers (the most instantly recognizable and memorable type), antler chandeliers (consisting of sculptures made from deer, elk, or moose antlers), brass chandeliers, glass chandeliers, contemporary chandeliers, and Italian chandeliers. We will also be discussing related products like glass, cloth, and chimney lampshades (used on chandeliers to shield the eye from glaring), as well as replacement chandelier parts. We will even touch on the long and glorious history of the chandelier through time – its role in society and its significance for daily life. You may be surprised to discover just how pervasive the chandelier has been in terms of interior decoration over the past several hundred years.

Indeed, it’s likely there is much about chandeliers that you don’t realize. For instance, when most of us think of a chandelier, the image we envision more than likely consists of one of those enormous, extravagant crystal chandeliers which hang in palaces and other important places of interest. As we’ll see from the following pages is that, in all actuality, these grand outrageously expensive chandeliers make up only a small percentage of the market, and that there are thousands more affordable options available. In fact, as we’ll see, the origins of the word chandelier (taken from the French for candle) would seem to suggest quite a different image. Chandeliers were originally conceived, not as glamorous amusements for the very rich, but simply out of practicality, as it was discovered that by suspending candles from the ceiling one could diminish the constant threat of fire.

As this site will show, the majority of chandeliers are actually fall within a rather more modest price range, and are accessible not just to the extravagantly wealthy, but to normal everyday people too.

Chandeliers make a fabulous contribution to a home. They bring with them a sense of nostalgia and old-world sophistication and elegance like nothing else. Tired of your house looking just as anonymous as everybody else’s? Want your home to stand out? to make a statement? Then let this site guide you along the path to finding just the right chandelier for you.