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Guide to Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

Find out more about Carpet Cleaning

It's easy for our carpets to look a little shabby, especially if children and pets are running over them day and night. There are several different types of carpet cleaning equipment and carpet cleaning machines to aid in the cleaning of carpets and many different stain removal products such as carpet spotters, aerosols and wipes.

Carpet cleaning supplies are easy to find with buckets, cloths and squeegees available at most superstores. However, prevention is always better than cure and measures such as removing shoes before walking into a room will save a surprising amount of loose soil from being transferred onto your carpets. Vacuuming once a week will help protect your carpet and by simply placing a mat to encourage people to wipe their feet before walking into a house. Be sure to vacuum this as well or bang away the dust or eventually it will become ineffective.

However, even the proudest homeowners have accidents and the best way to treat a spillage is to act immediately after the damage has been done. There are four basic solutions which can be used to tackle stain removal:

  • dry cleaning solution such as surgical spirit
  • detergent solution made from ΒΌ teaspoon of washing up liquid mixed with one quart of cold water
  • detergent and white vinegar solution
  • ammonia solution made from one tablespoon of household ammonia mixed with half a cup of water

Mop up with an absorbent white cloth and always work on the stain patting from the outside in, never rub the stain as this will damage the carpet fibres and push the stain deeper into the carpet.

Before cleaning your carpet, you need to decide if you wish to engage the services of a carpet cleaning business. Carpet cleaning equipment is available to rent or buy at any major store. There are lots of different carpet cleaning machines to choose from: dry cleaning or hot water extractor systems, such as steam cleaning and vapor steam cleaning. If you decide to use the latter two, be sure to let your carpet ventilate thoroughly when drying to prevent mould, mildew and allergens from forming. Steam cleaners are an excellent way of destroying germs and microbes and freshens the air in the room as the temperature reaches 150 degrees Celsius.

Stains can also ruin your upholstery and the same principals for upholstery cleaning apply here too, act immediately. Baby wipes are also a cheap weapon in the war against stains as they provide enough moisture to remove the mark without needing to wet your entire couch through. When cleaning your upholstery, the less water you use the better. Pre-soak any stains before you begin cleaning as this will increase the chances of the stain being removed. A general rule of thumb is that cool water should be used for non greasy stains while warm or hot water should be used for greasy stains. Whipped detergent is a great way to clean a couch as the foam spreads easily along the sofa to ensure full coverage.