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Guide to Beach Chairs

Rio Beach Chairs

Find out more about Rio Beach Chairs

Rio de Janeiro has what are probably the most famous beaches in the world – Copacabana and Ipanema. The girls from Ipanema strut their stuff in their famously small bikinis and boys play beach soccer. People watching is a much enjoyed past time and what better way to do it than in Rio beach chairs. They only cost a couple of bucks a day and you can have a front row seat. Well, you do not need to be in Rio do Janeiro to conjure up the same level of comfort. Although you can’t buy the girls or boys, you can buy your very own Rio beach chair!

The design of a Rio beach chair is very individual. Basically it looks like a beach chair with extremely short legs. They position the person sitting on it close to the ground so that your legs are either folded high up or lay flat on the beach. The more money you pay the better quality your beach chair will be. Things to look out for are position varieties, rust retardant frames, durable waterproof fabrics, compact assembly and weight allowance.

Rio Beach Chairs normally come in three different styles. The basic has one position, the next style has three positions and the top of the range has five variable positions. For a look at all three why not check out As their name suggests they specialize in everything for the Brazilin beach and you are sure to find what you are looking for. The five position Rio beach chair allows you to lie flat and perfect a deep tan.

Aluminum is the best material for the frame. It is lightweight, rust retardant and durable. For the most sturdy chair look for mono-lithic weldment (it is welded in one piece). The best fabric for the seat will be one which is durable, ventilated, waterproof and non-allergic. Durable rayon or polyethelenc are the most common. has a great site for all your beach needs. Their RIO beach chair in solid blue ticks all of our boxes and is at a reasonable price. It has five positions and wooden arm rests for comfort. The rust proof frame holds up to 240 lbs. Prices start at around $45.

For a huge range of Rio beach chairs look at They have beach chairs to suit everyone and at every price. Their cheapest is the Rio SC525 Backpacker Backpack Chair in Solid Blue which comes in $25. It has three positions and is very easy to carry on your back while you are walking to the beach. The solid hardwood arms are a little bit of luxury that is amazing for the price. Other chairs go up to $60 but have all the gadgets for the beach including book rests and insulated drink pouches!