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Guide to Beach Chairs

Folding Beach Chairs

Find out more about Folding Beach Chairs

When you are on holiday, enjoying warm weather in your own back yard or a picnic somewhere out in the country, folding beach chairs are perfect to accompany you and bring you luxury on the move. Contrary to its name, you can use folding beach chairs just about anywhere.

Folding beach chairs were first seen in Europe in the 1850’s and were called a “chaise transatlantique”. After this the chair developed a sleigh like base and elongated look. In the early 1900’s the chair gained wooden armrests and became more of a luxurious item, rather than a practical piece of furniture. In the 1950’s the great Italian designer, Vico Magistretti, designed the triangle shaped beach chair with canvas seat and armrests. This was followed by the “cricket “folding chair by Henry Glass in 1963. The “bay watch” folding armchair came onto the scene in the 1940’s and is an icon of beach life today. The modern aluminum chairs that we know this century have their roots in the designs of the 1980’s.

The main advantage of folding beach chairs is their practicality and their ability to be stored easily. Nowadays you can buy beach chairs that can fold into tiny shapes which can be stored under the stairs in the winter and carried to the beach in the summer. If you suffer from a bad back or painful joints you do not need worry about seating when you get to the beach because you can take your own personal chair with you.

If you are planning on using your folding beach chair outside, or if you plan to store your folding beach chair outside then you should choose a model that is able to endure the weather. Several internet sites advertise chairs that are able to withstand the harsh ocean elements and dry sunny conditions. As an optional extra you can often choose waterproof furnishings and galvanized hinges that will not rust. has a very good selection of oak folding beach chairs. The quality of the chairs is undeniable and the price reflects this. A chair without a footrest is priced at less than $120 and a chair with a footrest is priced at less than $150. has a very quirky website than advertises a beach chair that is both comfortable and practical. They claim that the chair is perfect for all weather conditions including the snow! The chair is very convenient because it only weighs twenty two ounces and can be folded into a small suitcase. If you are going camping, the chair can double as a beach or sleeping mat. Prices start at under $40.

When folding the chair remember to make sure that your fingers are not caught in the folding mechanism. Do not let small children play with them and make sure the chairs are locked into place before you place a large weight on them.