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Guide to Beach Chairs

Beach Wheel Chairs

Find out more about Beach Wheel Chairs

Regular wheel chairs made very hard work of traveling over sand or rocks. A trip to the beach cannot be fully enjoyed without worrying about the strain that you will put the chair under and the strain that you will put yourself under. A normal wheel chair in sand feels like you are trying to get through quick sand yet there are some wheel chairs on the market that will make your life easier and allow you to have a more relaxing day out. Above all these chairs allow people to get closer to the things that they might not have been able to see and experience before. Beach wheel chairs can not only help on the sand but on the rocky path that goes down to the beach.

Beach wheel chairs are able to tackle uneven and rocky terrain because of their innovative shape and design. In general they have large cushioned tires that are able to absorb the shocks from the uneven ground and give a very smooth and comfortable ride. The frames are generally lightweight so they are easy to maneuver and light on the ground. When buying your beach wheel chair check out the construction of the frame to ensure you are getting a solid model. The best type of frame to get is a monolithic weldment. This ensures that it is extremely durable.

We have had a look on the internet and found the following sites the most informative:

We really liked This site specializes in high quality aluminum beach chairs mounted on wheels called the “Tiralo”. Unlike a lot of beach wheel chairs, this chair comes with three wheels which puts the user in a reclining position. It is ideal for sunbathing on the beach and for wheeling into the sea for a spot of bathing. The best bit is that it floats in water so you get the best of both worlds. The frame is welded for durability and the wheels are the highest quality on the market. Footrest and headrest are standard along with easy quick release frame. The seat fabric is ventilated and non-allergic. The chair is pulled rather pushed so it moves easily. has a great selection of assistive technology to cater fro all your needs. They not only sell beach wheel chairs but also spare parts so that you can upgrade your regular wheel chair to combat difficult terrains. Just adding specially developed wheels to your chair will make a massive difference if you can not afford to buy a totally different chair. The beach chair that they advertise is called the “Colors ‘n Motion Tremor” It has a lightweight frame and “fatso” tires to make even the rockiest of grounds feel smooth. The chair is approximately 35 lbs and will carry a person weighing up to 250 lbs. You should expect to pay around $2000.