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Guide to Beach Chairs

Beach Lounge Chairs

Find out more about Beach Lounge Chairs

We all dream of a white sandy beach, crystal clear waters and an ice cold drink while lying on a lounger in the sun, however when we go to the beach it is not always as comfortable as we had hoped. Getting the right beach lounge chairs can make the difference between ultimate luxury and an uncomfortable sandy nightmare!

The perfect answer is to purchase your own beach lounge chair. Some models that are available today are lightweight and foldable so that you can easily carry your own chair to the beach. If you want to invest in some luxury for your backyard then you can opt for the grand loungers made from beautiful woods with sumptuous furnishings. The choice available is so vast that you are sure to find the ultimate chair for you. Prices are equally as diverse to match any budget.

Before you buy your beach chairs you should think what you want from the chair and where you will keep it. If you do not have any storage and you intend to keep the chair outside all the time then you should think carefully about weather resistant materials and detachable furnishings. If you want a foldable chair make sure that you can carry it and you can operate it safely. claims to have the ultimate in beach lounging. Their chair is not very portable but will provide you with luxury in your own home. The varnished oak frames are made to a high standard and will be very durable. As wood ages it looks better and better and it will not decrease in value as rapidly as metal. The brass hinges and rivets are designed with safety in mind and are durable in salty air. The lounger measures 32 inches by 24 inches by 20 inches and weighs approximately 17 lbs. Prices start at around $140.

If you suffer from back problems then we suggest that you take a look at They advertise the Ergo Lounger which is an ingenious design to relieve back pain when lieing on your front. The chair has a hole cut out of it in order to drop your head through and lie perfectly flat. It is equally comfortable face up and face down and the chair comes with three pillow supports to get your body in the optimal position. It is able to support a person weighing u to 300 lbs yet it only weighs 12 lbs so you will not put your back out when you are carrying it! The frame is made from aluminum and has weather resistant polyester fabric.

When adjusting or unfolding beach chair loungers, be careful that you do not trap your fingers in any of the moving parts. Do not let children play on folding beach chairs when they are unaccompanied.