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Guide to Beach Chairs

Beach Chairs

Find out more about Beach Chairs

When people think of the sea side, images of beach chairs are conjured in the mind. They are an icon which stands for relaxation, sunshine and fun! Everyone likes to be beside the seaside. Nowadays beach chairs are not only found on the beach. They have become a stylish piece of furniture that can be found in people’s homes and businesses.

This site has been written in order so that you can get an over view of the styles and designs of beach chairs that are on the market without breaking into much of a sweat. We have browsed through companies that advertise on the internet and chosen what we believe are the best sites. We have also incorporated some historical information on the beach chair for a little bit of extra knowledge.

Classic designs of beach chair feature the folding mechanism. I always picture folding beach chairs with stripy cotton seats and rickety bases but things have moved on! The folding chairs are extremely sophisticated now and provide the perfect answer to portable furniture. Folding furniture allows you to take your favorite chair to the beach and sit in style and comfort.

Our page devoted to beach wheel chairs highlights the advances in chairs for the disabled. Chairs have been designed with two and three wheels, some even float in the sea for multi purpose use. We have provided you with good makes and names of sites who you can contact for further information.

Rio beach chairs are a quirky design only really suited to beach use. Who is to question a beach chair that is named after the city with the most famous beaches in the world!

If you are looking for luxury then take a look at our page dedicated to beach lounge chairs. It is hard to read this page without feeling the urge to book a last minute holiday in the sun!

Our top tips when you are buying a beach chair are:

  • Make sure the seat can withstand the range of weather conditions that you want it to endure.
  • Make sure that the seat can take your weight.
  • Never let your fingers get caught in folding mechanisms.
  • Consider buying detachable soft furnishings so that they are easy to clean.
  • Think if you have the space to store the chairs in the winter time.

Prices vary considerably when you look around. Quality chairs are an investment and you should not shy away from spending a little more money. When you buy from well established web sites you have the opportunity of purchasing other matching furniture pieces such as tables and stools. Some sites even have the facility to chose your own material for the soft furnishings.