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Guide to Bar Stools

Bar Stools

Find out more about Bar Stools

There are a number of different designs of bar stools available to furnish houses, bars, restaurants, coffee shops and malls. The design of the bar stools will reflect the image of the establishment. Bar stools are not just places to perch, they can be used as tables and just to add character and ornamentation to any room.

Before buying a bar stool, you need to make several decisions regarding the design, make up, the type of material and type of finish of the stool. There are bar stools with backs or without, with bar stool arms or without, with foot rests and those which swivel and those which are stationary. Even after deciding on the main accessories of stools, there are a variety of designs within each of these categories.

Metal Bar Stools

Bar Stools with backs come in fan shapes, spindle shapes, arrow backs and low curved backs. The main materials for manufacturing stools are wood and metal. The latter choice can be divided into the following:

Wooden Bar Stools

The types of wood which are best suited for stool productions are listed below:

There are a number of different finishes which add different characters to the wooden bar stools such as staining, varnishing, oiling, waxing, white washing, stenciling, marbling or simply painting. Many bar stools will come unassembled and there will be plans in each pack of how to put these stools together.

Bar Stool Heights

There are many different heights of stools to choose from. There are those which are are counter height bar stools which are usually measured between 24 and 30 inches. Bars are usually measured to a height of 40 to 48 inches and it is usually recommended that there is a space of twelve inches between the bar stool and the counter top.

On the website Built to Last which exhibits Warren bar stools and there uses, several different bar stool plans to construct their stools with: fan back stools and bow back stools have a seat height of 26 inches and a back height of 40 inches but there are a choice of heights of 22 to 30 inches.

There are three legged backless bar stools but have a seat diameter of 14 inches and a height range of 22 to 30 inches. Warren stools advertise their bar stools to be made without the use of nails or screws and use wedging and gluing techniques to construct their stools.

Wrought Iron Bar Stools

Wrought iron bar stools are perhaps the most luxurious type of bar stool. They are stylish and attractive while being a durable material which will last for many years. These can be shaped into many designs so the chances are you will find something which suits your tastes and needs.