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Guide to Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions

Find out more about Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are one of the most sought after trends on the market today. You only have to turn on the television or read your favorite celebrity magazine to see that all the stars are using them to create individual and creative looks.

Hair fashions change day after day and unless your hair grows at a rapid rate then there is no way to keep up with short styles one day and long the next. Variety is the spice of life (or so they say!) and what better way to create a variety of looks than with your hairstyle. Your hair is a feature that is always on show and a part of your body which reflects your level of health.

Hair extensions were first used by the rich and famous in the 1980’s when mad hair styles could only be created with an extra help. In those days they were seen as a silly fad, little did they know that they would become a multi million dollar industry with every glamorous person in the land hankering after them. Every red carpet function has got at least two stars flaunting their new look with them in.

At the end of the day hair extensions are a fun way of making a fashionable statement. You can add volume, color, or length with ease. Hair extensions have varying degree of permanence. Some can be clipped in and out in minutes, while some take hours to put in and last for a year!

You can get synthetic hair extensions or human hair extensions. Synthetic hair keeps its style for longer while human hair is still prone to bad hair days! Expensive synthetic hair is more shiny than natural hair yet it does not act like real hair and will not take to the natural oils in your head. Heated styling appliances cannot be used as effectively in synthetic hair. There is a danger that the hair will burn and melt – not a great look!

Human hair is the most expensive yet it is undoubtedly the best quality. Don’t opt for a cheap deal now which you might regret when you look in the mirror in a couple of weeks. If you do go for the real thing then prepare yourself for a long application time. Even in experienced hair extension salons it can take up to nine hours to put in a full head of natural hair extensions.

Because it is still extremely fashionable, prices are still very high. If you only want to buy a single long haired clip on hair extensions you will not have to pay that much, however if you want the real deal, a full head of hair, then be prepared to pay up to $1000. In top US salons some stars pay even more!