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Guide to Coffee


Find out more about Coffee

The coffee world has become so large that it is now the second largest industry in the world behind oil and morning or evening coffees have become integrated into the lives of most of us, even if it just as a passing phase.

Making great coffee is a true art, it requires skill, practice and above all an appreciation of coffee itself. For this reason, the coffee that you taste in a good coffee house is probably vastly superior to the coffee you are able to make at home, which is why so many people visit Starbucks coffee and the like on a daily basis.

However, over the last few years, the cost of espresso machines has fallen and for a few hundred dollars you can buy yourself a machine that is capable of making the quality of coffee that you have come to expect from a coffee house.

The information on this site concerns almost anything to do with coffee. We have information about most of the major coffee machine brands, information about the different types of coffee machines that you can buy, advice on specific coffee types and brands and information on many other coffee related products from coffee tables to coffee stirrers.

For those who are fanatical about making great coffee, there are no limits to what you are prepared to do (almost) or pay for any kind of coffee equipment. You can buy good coffee machines for about $230, but any less than that and it is advisable to save up the money and buy a better model later in the year perhaps. Potentially you could spend many thousands of dollars on an espresso machine, although these are generally intended for commercial use.

Most espresso drinkers know how specific the art of making espresso is, from the way you prepare the coffee down to the cup that you serve the coffee in. If you want to enjoy the espresso that you make to the maximum it is important that you have a good set of good espresso cups. The information on this site should be able to help you choose your espresso cups or any other type of coffee cups or coffee mugs for that matter. Whilst this sounds a little extreme and obsessive, the cup you drink from makes a big difference with espresso particularly.

Ever thought about making your own coffee directly from coffee beans? Ever thought about roasting the beans yourself? Whilst this process might take you a bit of time, the results will show in the coffee that you make providing you have a good machine. Read our pages on coffee beans to see the benefits of roasting your own beans.