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Guide to Merchant Accounts

Merchant Accounts

Find out more about Merchant Accounts

Plastic is taking over the world. Or, to be more precise, credit cards are. For today there are fewer and fewer places where credit cards are not an acceptable form of payment for goods and services.

Cash and checks will doubtless be around for some time yet, but in today’s culture of retail therapy and instant gratification, the credit and debit card are king. No matter your type of business, being able to conduct card transactions is a proven way to boost sales and generate new business.

Realizing the growth potential that is possible for businesses of all sizes, we have created a one-stop website dedicated to credit and debit card transactions and the means by which these are processed. Conducting card transactions is, of course, a big subject and so we aim to be as comprehensive as possible.

Consequently, you will find all the vital information you need in order to make an informed decision. Regardless of whether you’re a startup or an established commercial venture seeking to expand payment methods, all the essentials tools and knowledge are here to get started with offline and online credit card processing. A veritable merchant account 101.

Everyone and their dog has a web site now. But how many are unleashing the true potential of their web presence by being e-commerce-enabled to take orders and credit card payments online? We look at the full spectrum of web site credit card processing solutions, examining free and low cost merchant account providers, third party processors and fully-featured real-time payment systems to suit all businesses.

Since not all businesses are purely online traders, we discuss what’s best for companies whose order payments are gathered by mail order, telephone and swiping. Learn the facts about virtual terminals, credit card processing machine and credit card processing software, their strengths and weaknesses from a business viewpoint.

Applicable to everyone researching the subject, we take a detailed look at the merchant account and how to set them up. Discover the secrets of selecting a credit card processing company, what to look for in a company and the telltale signs that spell danger ahead.

Our overview of credit card processing also takes in the pros and cons of leasing terminals and what questions to be posing before signing on the dotted line. Highlighted, too, are topics all traders should be aware of from the outset: how to reduce the risk of fraud and how to avoid expensive chargeback fees for transactions that go wrong. Sorting out problems with card transactions needs to be swift and efficient, so we discuss the importance of customer support and how to tell if promises on customer service are hot air or likely to be fulfilled.