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Guide to Credit Scores

Credit Score

Find out more about Credit Scores

This site looks at different aspects of credit scores. Your credit score is a figure reached usually via the FICO credit score system based on information contained in your credit report. This information is considered as five main categories when calculating your score:

Your payment history

Whether or not you pay your bills on time and important items such as bankruptcy, charge-offs, or accounts being turned over to collection agencies.

Your outstanding debt

how much you owe, and your average balance – the ratio of current balance to credit limit on revolving debt such as credit cards.

Your credit history

How long you have been a customer in the world of credit.

Your attempts to gain new credit

How many inquiries and new accounts you have applied for, and how recently.

The types of credit you have

How many different credit accounts such as bank cards, travel and entertainment cards, store cards, installment loans etc.

This site has information about your credit score, from who keeps it and how it is calculated to where you can go online to get an estimate of your credit grade and score and how to improve your credit score, again with online tools to help if necessary.

Your credit score can be obtained for nothing, as explained in free credit score, however, the three main credit reporting agencies:

  • Equifax
  • Experian
  • TransUnion

These companies will charge you around $15 for a copy of your credit report and score, or let you have a copy for nothing if you sign up to their ongoing (and less free!) credit monitoring services.

You will also find useful information on what are considered good and average credit scores, how these are reached and how lenders view your score. There is also some useful information on filing for bankruptcy and rebuilding your score, with some advice on what to look out for following bankruptcy.