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Guide to Shirts


Find out more about Shirts

A shirt is a garment that can be worn by both men and women, girls and boys. It is worn on the upper half of the body and is most commonly made of light cloth, for example cotton. Shirts often have buttons up the front and have a collar. It is traditional for a man to wear a shirt to work, and womens shirts are often called ‘blouses’. Mens shirts are worn with a necktie for extra smartness. The ‘shirtsleeves’ are the part of the garment that covers the arms. Although, some shirts are short-sleeved. If a person wants to look smart and dressy they would tend to tuck their shirt into their pants or skirt. A more relaxed look is when the shirt is untucked.

There are many different variations on the traditional shirt. A ladies’ shirt may be designed to fit the female body better by having darts to bring the material in at the waist. It may also have ruffles or embroidery at the neck and collar. All these features go towards creating a garment that is more suited to a woman than a man. A man’s shirt may use shirt studs instead of buttons at the neck, or all the way down the shirt. The shirts that use these would tend to be smarter than button shirts and may also use cufflinks instead of buttons too.

Another type of shirt is Polo shirts. These were originally designed for use whilst playing sport. They are also made of lightweight material, but have ribbed collars and short sleeves. When they were first manufactured, the only color available was white. These days there are an infinite number of colors available to suit all tastes.

‘Tee shirts’ or ‘T-shirts’ are probably the second most commonly worn type of shirt next to the traditional button up. They generally do not have collars and have short sleeves. They are made of materials that are more casual and relaxing to wear than the shirts made for work. Again, there are so many different colors and designs available in the style of a T-shirt. People often wear T-shirts that have the maker’s name printed across the front. This is more common where the manufacturer is fashionable. You may choose a T-shirt that have a slogan or picture printed or embroidered across it. You can even get custom shirts decorated to your own specifications.

Shirts that are designed to be worn for particular activities often show this in their name. For example, ‘Bowling Shirts’ are specifically made to be worn whilst playing bowls and ‘Football Shirts’ follow the same principle.