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Guide to Hats


Find out more about Hats

The hat is one of the most versatile pieces of clothing in our wardrobe. There are several purposes to a hat. Not only is it worn as protection from the cold but it can dress an outfit up, giving it elegance and grace, or it can add casualness to something a little too smart. Hats are great for those bad hair days or they can be bought as memorabilia to show support for Major League Baseball teams or any other sport.

A hat can become a symbol of a way of life or particular area of the world. Hundreds of years ago, they used to describe which social class you belonged. You would never find an educated gentleman in the early 1900s wearing a floppy cap any more than you would find a stable boy wearing a top hat.

These days, the style of hats people wear is not governed by social boundaries nor do they stick to the areas of origination. For example, the cowboy hat was obviously designed for those living on ranches in the Wild West but it is perfectly acceptable to wear a cowboy hat in towns and cities.

Panama hats have similarly developed across the world. Originating in Ecuador, the charming quality of the Panama hat is reminiscent of glamorous Hollywood movie stars such as Sean Connery or Clark Gable who shared their tastes with political leaders such as Khrushchev and even Napoleon.

Hats not only complete a stylish outfit, they also finish off a fancy dress costume, such as a Santa hat or Pilgrim hats. Where would Puss in Boots be without his hat with three corners?

No matter what sort of hat you chose, whether it is any of the styles mentioned above or simply a man or women’s winter hat, it is vital that you try on the hat. A hat can look glamorous and sophisticated if it is worn with confidence but if there is even the slightest inhibition, the hat will look clumsy and out of place. For this reason, it is necessary to try on lots of different hats and to ask for a second opinion.

The shape of a face, the length of hair and the colouring of the skin are all factors affecting which type of hat which will suit which individual. When it comes to hats for city and town folk, there is a huge selection to choose from:

The list is endless. Always make sure the style of hat matches your outfit. It is not so crucial if the colours of the hat and outfit do not match but it is essential the style does.